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Blood Test Results

Entry posted by ohsotired · - 408 views

Got a phone call from the GI office today.

Blood test results.......(drum roll)...............normal.
No further details on what normal means or what all they tested for.
I'm going to swing by tomorrow and pick up printed copies for my records and see what exactly they tested for.

Stool samples were dropped off on 7/21 so still waiting on those results.

[b][size=4]UPDATE:[/size] [/b]I got the printed copy of the results.
It doesn't appear that they ran the entire Celiac Panel. All that shows up on the test results is:
[b]t-Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA 1 (Negative 0-3)

[/b]So I guess I'll be calling them to find out why the others weren't run, and to find out what I need to do to get them run.

In other blood work news:
Everything was NOT normal.
I have high Hemoglobin, Hematocrit and MCV. After a Google search to figure out exactly what this means, I've discovered that the high Hemoglobin and Hematocrit are likely due to me being a smoker (yeah, yeah.........no lectures please).

The high MCV, however seems to indicate [b]macrocytic anemia[/b], due to deficiencies in B12 and/or Folic Acid. Either because of malabsorption or too little ingestion of them (I'm thinking it's the former).

So..............how is this NORMAL?

A bunch of the other test results are on the high end of 'Normal'. So I don't know what to think of those.

I'm more than a little peeved, though. If the lab found these things to be high, and labeled them as such, I just don't get how the doc's office thinks it's ok. Is it because they look at these things day in and day out and it all starts to look the same? Is it because even though the lab calls it 'High' they've seen much worse so it's not a big deal? Ugh.

Colonoscopy is next. Wish me luck.



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