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Valuable Lessons Learned From My Battle With Mr. Anxi Ety



[i][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="3"][color="#4b0082"]So on friday I had a severe panic attack, and no one was around to help me. I should explain that I have been working close to, if not more than 40 hrs a week the past few weeks, and I am supposed to be a part time employee. No benefits, no overtime, no nothing. Plus I have a messy house that I cannot even walk in. Dishes are piled a mile high. Laundry is three weeks overdue. Nevermind my expensive food, car payments/insurance, rent, hospital payments, registering a broken down car which includes repairs that cost my entire paychecks for the month. Oh and incessant worry that we may have goofed, and I may or may not be pregnant. So on Friday, I broke down when I couldn't find my bus pass. Yes, of all things, my bus pass made me break down. (Turns out it was in my sweatshirt the whole time.) But finally, with the help of my mom and my MIL, I got my house mostly in order (Laundry is still three weeks over due but hey.) over the course of two days, and I finally can relax...for now. (And my husbands parents paid for our car repairs... yay!)
So now, you are probably wondering what my valuable lessons are that I mentioned in the title. Well here they are (and I will go more into detail later)
#1. You are not Superman. You cannot do everything
#2. Do not be afraid to ask for help
#3. It ain't bad to cry
#4. Take time for yourself
#5. Breathe
#6. Eat
#7. Don't be afraid to tell people you have a problem. (ie Anxiety)
#8. If medicated, take your meds.
#9. Never be alone during an attack (even if it means yelling/crying/whatever via phone IM or whatver)
#10. Don't be embarrassed by anxiety or whatever your problem is.
(Explanations to come in their own posts)[/color][/size][/font][/i]

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Those are dome very good (but also some very hard... and yes i am speaking from experience on a couple of those...) experiences to learn!

and i'm glad to know i'm not the only one who has gotten upset/ had a breakdown over not being able to find a bus pass. (one time living in ogden, i lost a brand new one on the street, and of course that night it snowed the first snow of the season. (not sure, but think i had to buy a new one, even though we didn't have money... we didn't have any other option. So i understand).

have a good evening :) {{hugs}}

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