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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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My Introduction

Entry posted by wheeleezdryver · - 495 views

Hi, I'm Becky, I'm 34 years old. I live in Western Idaho.
The main parts of my story are in my siggy, but thought i'd share here, too :).
Spring 2004 i was dx'd w/ hypothyroidism (at age 27. (i remember going online after that & reading that some Drs wouldn't even test a person under 30... I'm sooo glad the dr i had at that time didn't buy into that crap!)). Some of my symptoms went away, the constipation, weight gain, tiredness did not.
Fast forward to oct 2006--- i had heard that weight loss programs such as South Beach Diet are good for people w/ thyroid issues, so started that diet. Ph1 of that diet is no fruit/ grains. You can do Ph1 for up to 2 weeks. you can also re-visit P1 at any time, if needed (I sometimes did after the holidays). I also joined Sparkpeople .com around that time (so hi to anyone who recognizes my story from there!). I will say here that i lost 70 lbs since starting 4 years ago, am struggling to loose the last 37...
October 2008 I was dx'd w/ Sleep Apnea. (Have used my mask/ CPAP machine faithfully since!). Oct 2009 i had to have have another sleep study done, and had my air pressure raised. Both times, before having the sleep study done, I had to blood test done to check iron & Vit B (not sure if they checked Vit D or anything else), but both times it all came out good :)
Dec 2009 I was having problems w/ chronic bloating. Also, in looking back, i realized that when i had done Ph1, the time between my monthly periods was 26 days, much better than 21- 24 while eating wheat.
I suspsected i had endometriosis (I no longer think I have it), wheat is one of the things that aggravates it. I decided to cut out most wheat (in other words, i was gluten- lite).
Summer of last year, i realized i probably have a mild case of Interstitial Cystiitis(aka painful bladder syndrome). Ic is yet another autoimmune condition. Eliminating tomatoes, bananas, & most anything acidic has helped me greatly. (Not that is hasn't been a challenge...).

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Sorry i didn't get to finish my intro blog until now. Something happened when i tried to post all of it.

anywho, dealing with the limited diet due to Ic has been fun!
adding even more intolerances to it has been more fun!!

In May i was dx'd w/ Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD, problems w/ the pelvic floor muscles, due at least in part to the years of chronic Constipation (which was in part caused by the hypo...& probably gluten intolerance) & IC. Thanks to the help of a wonderful PT & keeping up w/ my exercises, my PFD is much better most of the time:).

i've also realized that i have a intolerance to dairy, as well as leaky gut (which I suspcet contributes to the IC)and I also seem to have fructose malabsorption-- still don't know very much about that one.

i hope that as i continue in the gluten- free lifestyle, that the dairy, leaky gut, will eventually improve if not go away completely :)

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