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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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The bad heartburn started yesterday afternoon and we thought that I had accidently got some of my husbands bread crumbs when I made my sandwich. So, we have now designated a counter just for him (his idea). Then we decided to have two dish towels - one on his counter and one on mine. This afternoon the heart burn has gotten worse and I again have a temper, plus extra trips to the bathroom. I only get the temper when I get gluten. So, a few minutes ago I went to get a couple of Midol cookies and read the label as my dog has allergies and I wanted to see if I could give her a couple of pieces. The first ingredient is Wheat. I had read that someone liked Midol cookies and so I bought the Vanilla flavor. WRONG move. I should have read each type of cookie as not all are gluten-free. I had a couple of these cookies a couple of days ago and there is my source of gluten. Talk about being stupid. I just hate when you are so careful and then you let your guard down and do something stupid - like not reading a label. :(


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My daughter did that last year. I can't remember the name of the cookie, but it's like a chocolate graham and I like to make cheesecake crust out of it. My daughter decided she wanted some just to eat, so she went to Whole Foods and bought some. She ate the whole bag (over a period of days) and exclaimed about how good they were. Turns out she had bought the ones that weren't gluten-free. She doesn't have an immediate reaction so didn't know she was ingesting gluten. She said, "No wonder they were so good." :lol:

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I also said how good they were. Which should have alerted me to read the label, just to be safe. If you remember the name of the cookie you use for cheesecake crust, please let me know.

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