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Spouse Does Not Understand

Entry posted by sue wiesbrook · - 320 views

I do not have Celiac but I am gluten intolerant. I am also diabetic so I need to avoid excess sugars. The problem is my husband, who is wonderful, does not understand gluten intolerance and though I have tried to explain the importance of how I eat, he keeps asking me to go out for Pizza or to Burger King and places like that. He is a junk food junkie.

I feel guilty because I keep having to say no. I want to go out with him but to places that I can eat healthy.

I know he does not mean to be difficult. He is the perfect husband in every other way but he just doesn't get it.

Have any of you dealt with this problem?

Please, I need advice.

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The Gluten Free Restauraunt Guide" book

Sounds like he may have to be shocked into the importance of your health and the causes of gluten and diabetes to your body like with a documentary film of a gluten intolerant's reactions. Not sure if a documentary like that exists but it would be shocking. He may never understand until he gets his own drive to be healthy with his diet as well. Some men are like that. That have to "hate" what they do to themselves in order to get enough motivation to make a change.

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