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Endoscopy Day

Entry posted by Ohmyword · - 1,212 views

[b]Its over[/b] - not as bad as I thought - didnt end up having the sedative either so I could get out quicker and get home to my baba - Don't get me wrong it wasnt nice being able to feel the tube moving up and down my throat or being aware of this thing moving around inside my stomach but it made it a hell of a lot quicker. Dr. couldnt see anything other than that my tummy was distended (but I could have told him that!) and only one biopsy taken :/ had understood that he was taking more than one - oh well cant do anything about it now...got to wait a couple of weeks for the results but celiac or ncgi.....[b]This is the first day of the rest of my gluten free life! [/b]

Im so happy that my body can now start to heal itself, with my help - and that Im going to start to feel better - when I get my results Im going to write to my dr. (first time I had seen her) and thank her so much as her action will make a major difference to my heath (once this stuff is out of my body) Im going to give her a list of all of the other symptoms ive had too so that it may help her help others like she did me. And its so easy just stay away from gluten no major surgery or life long medication[b] Im so so thankful[/b].

So happy.

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Welcome to a gluten free life!  I am glad the keep eating gluten thing is over for you!  I hope the test will be definitive.  Could she have seen something, so she only took one?


It's nice to have someone who needs you at home.  Someone that helps you avoid meds that have side effects.


Get Well, Now  ***  Glad this finally registered



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