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Concord Confections Inc.



i have been chewing dubble bubble chewing gum for a while now. since i am finally going gluten-free i had to go to their website to see if i will be deprived of one of another of my favorites. i am so happy to see dubble bubble is gluten-free. yay! :D

from Concord Confections Inc.(www.dubblebubble.com)
[b]Allergy Information[/b]

Peanut, Tree Nut, Egg, Milk, Soy Wheat, Fish, Shellfish, Sesame and Sulphite are not present in our facilities. We use cloth gloves for food h andling, not vinyl or latex.

[b]ALL PRODUCTS AND FACILITIES ARE COMPLETELY FREE OF ANIMAL AND GLUTEN PRODUCTS[/b]. We take allergy information very seriously. Since our manufacturing processes are free of certain allergens, our policy is to obtain a completed “Allergen Checklist for Food Suppliers/Manufacturers” from the raw material suppliers. This form requests information about the following allergens:

Tree Nuts/Derivatives
Wheat/Derivatives (Gluten)
Glutamates (Glutamic Acid, Glutaminic Acid)
Seeds/Seed Products (Sesame, Sunflower)
Preservatives (BHT, BHA, benzoates)
Tartrazine (FD&C Yellow #5).
This Allergen Checklist requires suppliers/manufacturers to declare whether these allergens are:

1. Present in the Product (specify type and level)
2. Present in Other Products Manufactured on the Same Line
3. Present in the Same Manufacturing Plant.
The Allergen Checklist also asks if the supplier/manufacturer has effective procedures to avoid cross-contamination with the allergens not present in the product but noted in 2) & 3). Suppliers/manufacturers checklist also states that if for any reason there are any modifications in this product regarding allergenic components, they are responsible for updating their records and notifying Concord Confections LTD. immediately.

Based on the raw material suppliers completed “Allergen Checklist” and our manufacturing processes we had been issued a certificate: The products manufactured by Concord Confections LTD. contain:

a) maximum 200 ppm BHT in bubble and chewing gum derived from gum base
B) low level of corn protein derived from dextrose and corn sweeteners
c) maximum 100 ppm Tartrazine in yellow colour gumballs and candies.
The products may contain less that 3ppm sulfur dioxide derived from corn syrup.


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