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AmandasMommy's Blog

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Entry posted by Guest · - 708 views

2 oz. Hamburger Patty (No Bun) Yes Ask about a uncontaminated grill
4 oz. Hamburger Patty (No Bun) Yes
American Cheese Yes
Bacon Yes
Bacon & Cheese Yes
Baked Potato Yes Toppings listed separately
BBQ Nugget Sauce Yes
Blue Cheese Dressing Yes
Broccoli & Cheese Yes
Butter Best Spread Yes
Butterfinger Candy Crumbles Yes
Caesar Dressing Yes
Caesar Side Salad Yes No croutons
Chili Yes
Chili & Cheese Yes
Chives Yes
Country Crock® Spread Yes
Creamy Ranch Dressing Yes
Deli Honey Mustard Sauce Yes
Fat Free French Style Dressing Yes
Frosty™ Yes
Fruit Cup Yes
Heartland Ranch Sauce Yes
Honey Mustard Nugget Sauce Yes
Honey Mustard Sauce Yes
Honey Nugget Sauce Yes
House Vinaigrette Dressing Yes
Liquid Margarine Yes
Low Fat Honey Mustard Dressing Yes
Low-Fat Strawberry Flavored Yogurt Yes Without granola
M&M® Candy Crumbles Yes
Mayonnaise Yes
Reduced Fat Creamy Ranch Dressing Yes
Salsa Yes
Side Salad Yes No Dressing
Sour Cream Yes
Special Thousand Island Sauce Yes
Spicy Southwest Chipotle Sauce Yes
Spring Mix Salad Yes No dressing or pecans
Sweet & Savory Sauce Yes
Sweet & Sour Nugget Sauce Yes
Taco Chips Yes
Taco Supremo Salad Yes No Salsa
Tartar Sauce Yes
Thousand Island Dressing Yes



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