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No Harina, Por Favor



Boyfriend sends text message to me at work last (rainy)Friday:
//Do you have a valid passport and can you get Monday off work?//
So, we fly to Cancun that night and have a great time! (His bday weekend) We crammed snorkeling, zip-line riding over the jungle canopy (I'd seen it on the travel channel and was dying to do it), rappeling, bicycling, kayaking, hiking, Mayan ruins, etc. all in one weekend with a long flight from CA to the Carribean!
Mexico is SO easy to eat gluten free! I ate lobster, rice, beans, chicken, etc. with natural seasonings. In a hut in the jungle Mayan women cooked us chicken and rice and beans and we drank hibiscus juice! yum
We stayed at an all inclusive resort where the food was mediocre.
I brought and ate: bananas, sugar free applesauce, Reese's Pieces, caramel rice cake bites, SnaPeas, and Craisins.
I drank Tequila Sunrises and Margaritas and Daquiris.
I saw monkeys and toucans and wild turkeys! I got mosquito bites (none in CA where I live)!
The infinity pool was so beautiful as it blended with the ocean view.
The water was so turquoise and sand so white. Private beach=no Chicklet girls selling junk
I practiced my Spanish and learned lots of history/culture about Mayans and Mexico.
It was so fun! I wanted to stay longer to parasail and go on a snorkel excursion. boo hoo
I just snorkeled off the hotel beach.
Gifts I gave him:
Netflix subscription, armchair food tray (snaps onto arm of liv.room chair to eat from-he's a bachelor), tie, fold-up strainer as seen on TV, cologne, handmade card, Raiders pajamas, Raiders Photostamps, Cancun shirt, homemade cake.
Sillything he still loves, is the BedBath&Beyond gadget: a change jar with digital counter at top of lid where you drop change in and it instantly shows new total. He loves coming home and putting change in it and watching the total grow.
Good gift idea 4 men!


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