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Vacation Wanes



[font="Comic Sans MS"][size=5]We discovered a new favorite song on our [color="#0000FF"]Cozumel[/color] island adventure, "Besa Me Mucho". We heard it at the musical show at our all-inclusive resort-- while the performers were singing, much to my surprise, mi novio (bf) started to sing along (he remembered the song from his CA Boys Choir Days -where he sang alongside [color="#008000"]Lenny Kravitz[/color]). My knees were like butter.... So at dinners in the downtown (outdoor dining) we paid the walk-up musicians to serenade us throughout the trip...great memory. We were already reminded hearing it in the movie [color="#800080"]JUNO[/color] last night! (GREAT MOVIE)
Anywho, we graciously received an upgrade to the [color="#FF00FF"]honeymoon suite [/color]with outdoor jacuzzi, where you step right onto the beach from your room! Beautiful view, too. Free food, so, why the dining downtown?YES, we were at an all-inclusive, and YES we paid out-of-pocket to eat away from the resort. often.
You see, since living in the dorm rooms in college, I have had an aversion to[color="#8B0000"] trough food.[/color] Plus cc risk is at an orange level at those buffets. Even at the fine dining place on the resort, we didn't enjoy the food- a wacky attempt at american classics that does not translate-ex. det. ordered broccoli soup, and it was just a simple lime green porridge of pureed broccoli with water-nothing like the creamy broccoli soup in the States-you should've seen the detective's pucker as he resisted spewing it all over the place! Plus, the Detective nixes pork, melon, bananas, avocado, many green foods, and anything slimy (he DID try guava but didn't like it).
Hence, we took a recommendation from the cab driver (i used my butchered espanol) for [i]Casa Denis [/i](pronounced Denny's, oddly enough). Det. loved the filet mignon so much and I loved the shrimp ceviche and mango margarita, (great, attentive waiter who pointed to each dish as he delivered it, saying "no harina!") that we returned the next evening. I had a different waiter, same order, and I ended up sick. glutenized. Must've been cc? Tired of eggs and applesauce and M&Ms for a day or 2, we returned the last night and had another divine experience- they give you a free tequila shot after, also.
All-inclusive wasn't a total waste, though-the cozumel message boards I'd researched prior were correct in that Mexicans LOVE Jell-o! And their ice cream is homemade and gluten-free! Plus, they had the ubiquitous omelet guy! we LOVED breakfast there! So we ate these items, plus fruit, and I even tried [color="#9ACD32"]CACTUS[/color]- all at the resort. (In my travel journals I keep for every trip, I always note the new foods I try. I reap Costco quantities of joy from this.)
The first time I visited Coz, I swam with the dolphins, (still ranking at the top of my travel adventure list), but this time we just relaxed in the sun, drank and ate (all "free" at resort..prepaid), saw "free" shows at night, took a jeep tour (caravan-style, you drive manual)around the isle (lighthouse, gorgeous aqua water & breaking waves), snorkeled, and read books on the beach.
The [color="#FF0000"]kite surfing [/color]looked fun, but upon closer investigation, looked too difficult to enjoy on a trip[/size].[/font]
Back to work Monday.


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