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  1. Wow, in that case it's well worth it to me. I'll look into that. It wouldn't be hard at all if you had a pot boiling. Thanks!
  2. By the way, is there any benefit at all to parboiling things before freezing them? I thought it might kill any bacteria. I guess I can google it and stop bothering you. But if you have any thoughts about it I'd like to hear them. Otherwise thanks for all the tips. I'm ready to hit the grocery stores now and see what's going cheap! Instead of designer shoes, which I never gave a toss about anyway, I'm going to be scoping vacuum sealers in the January sales, lol.
  3. Thanks Ennis, I saved those. Oh, so it's not as expensive as I guessed and it doesn't sound hard at all as you describe it. Think I'll give it a shot. The bread maker is kind of an indulgence and I'm sure I'll bake more just in the oven too. But I space out a lot and I'm afraid I'll just burn stuff in the oven. I know that's what timers are for! I'm for sure going to try out some of your recipes no matter what. I've already saved a bunch for later. c: GFinDC That sounds great! I LOVE mason jars anyway. That's so cool that you can vacuum stuff inside of them. Okay, looks like I'm getting a vacuum sealer now. I'm under the vacuum sealer spell now.
  4. I think I'll start with the gallon freezer bags just to experiment and then go to Menard's and see if they have any vacuum sealers there on special offer. We do have one around here but I've not been there very much. I'll start looking though if they have good deals. Now that my life revolves around whole foods it's worth it to purchase some things to make it easier. Probably after Christmas would be a good time to get deals? Or after New Years. I hope your herbs adjust to the inside! I'd love to grow some indoors and was just thinking about this lately. Tell them it will be Spring again in no time. ^.^ Thanks for the well wishes, I appreciate it.
  5. Okay, then I will think about not using freezer bags. Or just doing some in them at first but marking them to eat in the next 2 months. A vacuum sealer sounds amazing but is it hard to figure out? I don't think I have brain cells to do anything complicated. But I'll have a look at them. It sounds like a really useful thing, especially for those of us who need to be super organized and eat at home a lot. I guess it's worth the investment for things if they make it easier. I still want to get a bread machine too but haven't done that yet. Thanks Ennis.
  6. I need to respond to posts I wrote before and I'm sorry I haven't but I've been unwell again. Think it was dairy I experimented with:/ But right now the stores are selling acorn squash and also sweet potatoes (that are from the USA) that is VERY hard to get later on. And if I find them they are not nice. Last winter was awful because it was hard to find fresh foods I could eat. I'm in the midwest and we just get really bad food in the winter, even at the most posh stores. Frozen from stores has made me sick and I don't trust it. Frozen stuff rarely has a sell by/expiration date also or it's encrypted or something. So I've heard that your freezer can have a lot of stuff in it, the more the better. I'm thinking of peeling and making big cubes of both of these - not cooking them - putting them in freezer bags (do they need to be the freezer kind?) and freezing them to use in the coming months. I've never done this. I hope I have the energy to even do this. But I don't know these things: Will this work in the first place? Is it okay to freeze it raw? (I'd much rather) Are freezer bags okay? Or is there something better to use? How long does something like this last? I'm planning to put them in a pot and just boil them later in water for soup, puree or whatever. Like 3 months? Even that would help cut the winter gap. Should I add water for any reason when freezing them?
  7. Haha, Ennis that's given me no excuse not to make it now! I've been faffing around about it but now I think I must try it out! They honestly don't sound too hard to do either. The Keto Chocolate frosting I think I can make today if the avocados are ripe enough. I just got some maple sugar and maple syrup (I know I'm bad) but I'll look at the sugar free one. I know I don't feel too well if I eat pure sugar but I couldn't help it. I think I have everything else and it sounds super good. Thanks so much Ennis!!
  8. I remember on here that they are OFTEN grown on something that contains gluten. I watched a video before but I can't remember the details. The thing is they are supposed to be super nutritious and also they just taste really good. They definitely were making me sick about a year ago but I didn't know about the gluten. If I go to the grocery store how can I know? Are there certain kinds that aren't grown with gluten or do I just need to contact the growers?
  9. I never heard of goat butter but I guess I could make it if I had raw goats milk. Which I don't at the moment. I'd have to see if anyone has goat's milk kefir, billions of probotics would be good though! I've heard of ghee but I'll have to look up how to make it. It's interesting that you are okay on those items in moderation even though you can't have cow's milk. I'll have a look around locally and see what there is. I think I did read that when you make cheese or butter (or ghee) it greatly lessons the lactose. If I do try it it will be only really small amounts. Anyways, that's what I wondered, that some people can't have cows milk but can have goats milk products. So that's really interesting to me.
  10. I'm not sure if it's lactose. If I experiment and still feel awful from it it might be that. And I want to try making those nut cheeses sometime soon. I ordered some cooking stuff and mesh strainers to try and make almond milk so maybe I'll try making some cheese at the same time. Coconut cheese sounds intriguing. I'll look that up too. Nut butters I over did and then didn't feel so great but that was over 6 months ago so I could try a little and see. I could just start with small amounts. I think too my stomach just couldn't digest fat at all before and it seems like it's a bit better now. Avocado I can do now! I couldn't before and I'm so glad it's back. But I've only sliced it into salads so far so avocado ice cream and guacamole sound crazy good to me right now. Anything I can make ahead and keep for a few days is good too. Avocado frosting - can I eat that just with a spoon? I know the thing about having milk from animals. I don't know if it really helps but when I have had any I try to find somewhere where it's not mass produced. Like there is a family near by that has some goats and you can have milk but they only do that in the spring and summer. The goats seem okay but I know what you mean. And it is pretty weird if you think about it. : (
  11. That would be awesome! We could go out for coffee or round each others houses and play some games or just chat like Ennis said. By the way I suck at most games except a few so you or Ennis are almost guaranteed a win! But I have fun anyways, haha.
  12. Yeah, it's when too many things happen at once and you suddenly have to take all this time and thought to deal with them, plus the stress on top of it. That's a LOT you had in a very short time. I hope things settle down for you soon but I know it takes time to figure everything out. Omg, a vacation in Hawaii or something, lol, then I'll be okay! But I think what I'm figuring out is that you have to MAKE your own mini vacations every single day or you go insane. So the suggestions people made above are really good I think to redirect your attention to goals and actively DO something towards them. Even playing games and things like that can be a goal. There's goals inside the game and also the goal of giving your mind a break and treating yourself well. I don't do this at all lately and I'm feeling it. Just spinning round inside my head and I need to STOP that now. lol. Even though you have so much going on I hope you can find time in the day too to be good to yourself.
  13. Thanks kareng. Yoga is something I've always really loved and I'm pretty sure I'll feel better doing it. I like the flowy kind too, it's almost like a meditation. Slowly sounds good to me. I could put on some quiet music too or do a guided one. Light weights is a nice idea too tessa. It's like doing the things I did before only at a greatly reduced level. Thank you, that's a really good suggestion. It doesn't have to be all or nothing after all. And it all adds up in a positive way. I like both of those icelandgirl. Walking is great for the mind too which I need pretty badly. And as you say you can just pace yourself till you feel like doing more. I really need to be out in the fresh air more too. Thanks, those are all great ideas! I think I'll start in the morning and take a short walk and then find my yoga stuff and just have a go at some of the easier movements. It would be such a positive way to start off the day.
  14. Wise words Hobbes. I heard something recently talking about how not to let constant demanding events consume you and stop you from moving towards your dreams. Celiac can definitely take a big chunk and time out of your life but it's not my purpose for being here on the planet. Focus is an excellent remedy to my wandering about crying and stuff. Also I used to do this thing called Pomodoro. It just helped me stay on track and maybe I'll get back to that again. Write down my goals & try to be more constructive.
  15. Yeah if I was there I would totally play board games!! You are the most helpful person ever. I've read and used so much of what you've written on here. I don't feel in a place to help much though I could play the forum games or chat in the non celiac area. I never think to. I do help out on some other forums of different topics, but only randomly. Maybe I should write down the things I do randomly and any other ideas on a notepad so when I feel especially down I can do some of them. I do have some teas I like too but when I'm down I often forget to make any. I am going to look at those deserts to see if I could eat any of them! But I get you, have some comfort foods on hand to cheer yourself up & make a nice hot drink. Online games would be fun. I used to do that too and multiplayer. I'm so sorry you got nerve damage. Those games take a lot of repeated movements too. I haven't played the multiplayer game I loved in ages. It used to be like half my life, lol. Sad but true. But there are lots of low key games I just need to treat leisure stuff as just as important as everything else. I only used to cook occasionally for fun and now it takes a lot of time. Which is fine, I still really enjoy it. But I need to make sure I still do some pure fun things especially when I get like this. Distract myself sounds like the best thing for me. A hobby! I had forgotten that was a thing, lol. There's a bunch of stuff I want to try doing. None of them involve a lot of money. I think I just need to make the effort. Actually get the supplies I need and put them all in a basket or somewhere easy to grab. Like get a table all set up and designated for that. Oh, by the way there are some very cool solo player board games. I'll put them on here later. I have about 4 or 5 and they are actually pretty fun. On Amazon there are some discussions about them. I just totally forget I have them. OMG, I love the idea of a stationary bike. I need to start exercising again anyway and that sounds like a great idea!! That sounds fab tessa! It would be worth it to hire someone that could keep you on track. I forgot how you can daydream at the gym, lol. You are busy but mostly people are just concentrating on themselves so yeah you can think about stuff. If that's what you meant. I'm so glad you've had good results like that! I'm gonna look at the gyms around here. I used to like the gym and it would help get rid of stress. And the stationary bike idea of Ennis too - would give me something different to do than feeling sad and get rid of stress at the same time! While watching Netflix?