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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Fitness and Dieting

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Hello! Two things for everyone here. I was recently diagnosed (through blood work, not yet have gotten the endoscopy), and have been super into fitness for a while. I always feel the best when working out. 


Firstly, almost all (except the peanut butter ones that are I think mixed with chocolate and stuff) are gluten free at LA Fitness! They do have yogurt for those who don't eat dairy, but for those who can its good. I've had it multiple times, and the workers by me in NY are usually pretty good with properly cleaning the smoothies stuff between each one. 

Secondly, I am wondering if anyone has found a good diet plan. I've lost about 75 pounds over the past four years through low carb dieting (it was 90 but I gained some back). I have been going to the gym during my lunch and after work every day, so about 35 minute session during the day, and an hour and a 15/20 at night. My diet consists of:


I have a quest protein shake for breakfast with almond milk (Quest powder is gluten free, low calorie, and ranges between 1-3 net carbs); Lunch I usually have a salad with ranch dressing, baked chicken, and sprinkled with cheese; Snack: another protein shake after my noon gym; dinner is usually eggs. 

I would like to create a gym routine that works going twice a day, and maybe if anyone has any suggestions about adding to my diet/changing it. I bought blackberries this week to try to add some fruit, but I am trying to keep my carbs down. 

I was wondering if anything else here has found a great routine/meal plan that would like to help me/talk about it. I want to keep my fitness going well! 


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Wow!  That's awesome. Congrats on your success. In my experience, successful dieting, whether  it for weight loss, general health, muscle building, etc looks very different from one person or another. What works for one person may not work for another.  This is due to a number of reasons: finances, family, time to exercise, motivation, chronic health issues, food preferences, etc

The diet you are on is gluten free (as long as you verify that your shakes are gluten free). So, if it's working for you, it seems as though, to me, you wouldn't have to change it.

I will say that about 3months into my gluten free diet after my diagnosis last year I suddenly gained 10lbs in 1month.  My weight had been relatively stable (minus pregnancy) for the previous 10-15 years. I suspect it was because I was finally absorbing all of my food.   This was disappointing to me.  I am still working on getting used to eating less than I used to and I've only lost 5 of the 10 lbs. :) 


Good luck!


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    • I can not speak for mushrooms, but I live in California.  Strawberry fields are everywhere.  All the commercial farmers use plastic.  We even pick them ourselves on several farms.  No straw.   What I would be more concerned about is pesticides.  Strawberries are ranked number 1 for the most contamination.  This is one fruit that you might want to eat as organic.   http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/03/10/strawberries-and-these-other-foods-have-most-pesticides/98966374/ Oh, Jane Anderson's postings are well done, but please note that she suffers from DH, so she is extremely conservative on her approach to a gluten free diet (I would be too if I had DH!).   
    • Let me add that this is a "want-be-journalist" who is trying to make a living.  (Kudos for her!).  You will note that she is selling you a few products.  Is it because she genuinely thinks they are the best products on the earth or she's getting compensated?   Want to improve your dry skin?  Get off the low fat craze and eat some good healthy fats and live in a humid climate (that is my non-medical opinion).  Maybe take fewer showers......😆 Hey, I am not knocking the author, Nicole.  My neighbor, a stay-at-home mom, makes a comfortable living submitting articles for online publishing.  She is not an expert in anything per sa y,  but it allows her to work between toddlers napping while she hangs in her PJ's.   She also gets a lot of free products to try.  
    • You don't need gluten-free makeup unless you are going to get it in your mouth.
    • I say piece of mind is priceless.  Why worry?  My foundation (a mineral) is gluten free as is my lipstick,  sunscreen and hand lotion.   I honestly know that I would have to injest a lot of lipstick 💄 in order to get a gluten reaction (per GlutenFreeWatchDog, Trish Thompson).  But I would rather not worry.  I am willing to PAY extra for it.   If a product line does not offer gluten free items, then  I will not buy it.  They lose my business.   Too bad, those companies are losing market share as there are so many people on the gluten free craze bandwagon (lucky for us who seriously have issues with gluten!) So, I am going to plug Red Apple lipstick and Gabriel Lipsticks.  They are certified gluten free.  Piece of mind.  But if you can read the small print in the drugstore without special magnifying glasses (like I need), then buy the other lipstick.  I used to buy some Maybelline (I think), but now I can not read the label and pride prohibits me from pulling out a large magnifying glass in the store (and dang...I am old and save my phone data for my teenage kid so I will not check the website or call while in the store).  And yes, I pick up the house line without bothering to screen the call and I am still alive! 
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