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    • So i recently had a baby and 3 months postpartum I started celery juicing and after juicing my stomach would be in so much pain. So I stopped it for a while and a whole month no pain or issues. I made an apt with a GI doctor to just get my blood work checked everything came back great except the Ema it was 1:20 he said it was strange because all the other Celiac panel test were negative my Ttg and the genetic screening even. So I made an apt with another doctor for second opinion she stated that it’s so low positive she wouldn’t be worried especially since across the border everything is negtive. I currently don’t have any stomach pain but it’s literallt driving me insane that I had a positive screen for my endomysial screen. If anyone can pleaseeeee help me with any insight it would be greatly appreciated ! 
    • Potatoes are good for breakfast! Your concoction sounds pretty good. K, how about this? Peel & dice potatoes, fry them in just enough olive oil to keep them from sticking in a skillet until they begin getting crispy. Toss in diced sweet peppers or maybe chili peppers, onions to soften. I know you're not doing egg yolks b/c of iodine but you can do the whites. Pour egg white on top until the white is done. If you have a steak or some leftover steak, you can heat that on the side. YUM!
    • Hi Mom, I am so sorry you're getting the run around. Yes, the links worked for me too & that poor little thing! Cyclinglady gave you excellent advice. I really can't add anything to it but everything she says is right on. Keep advocating!  Read this: https://www.sjsreview.com/8752/features/sophomore-establishes-celiac-support-group/ I found how you can contact her. GenerationGF.Houston@gluten.org Here's the web page. Scroll down to the TX groups. https://gluten.org/kids/kids-membership/generation-gluten-free-groups/ I figure she can at least direct you to the doc who diagnosed her. Please let us know how things progress. 
    • Wow!  I can say thank you in Polish, but can not spell it.  This is a bit off topic, but I will post this here and then open a new topic.   A month or so ago, a guest commented on an article that Celiac.com had published.  The guest mentioned that she has been a celiac for decades, long before the gluten free craze.  She noticed that she is now getting more gluten exposures compared to the years when there were very few gluten free processed foods on the market.  Interesting. With 30 to 60% of celiacs (depending on the study) not healing, can we blame the patients or are we really getting too much gluten into our diets?  Did we rush too quickly in establishing gluten guidelines?  Is 20 ppm too much for some celiacs?  The list of symptoms for celiac disease is long and varied.  I would imagine that amounts of gluten that would trigger a reaction would vary too.  I found this study which states: “It seems that GFD are based more on profit than on health. The recommendation of <20 ppm gluten for a GFD was originally based on a study in only 49 adults with biopsy-proven celiac disease who were treated with a GFD (13).” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5421124/ Pretty shocking.    Just 49 patients and yet the FDA and other EU countries approved of the  <20 ppm guideline.   Again, this might be fine for some but maybe not others.   I personally avoid processed foods and grains.  I went grain free when I became insulin resistant.  Oddly enough I actually finally felt well after I gave up grains.  I would cheat occasionally and usually pay the price.  Not terribly sick but off.  Was it gluten or just food additives?  When I do eat processed foods, it must be certified or recommended by a person who has DH (like Jane Anderson a journalist who has DH).  Two years ago after a gluten exposure (and I have no idea how but I suspected a prescription drug), I struggled with new symptoms.  Some resolved months later but GERD like symptoms persisted.  My GI suggested another endoscopy, but I trialed the Fasano diet.  Months later,  I was still having issues so I consented to do the endoscopy which revealed healthy villi but autoimmune gastritis.  Did the diet work?  I would like to think so.  But I can not guarantee it.  It was certainly worth trying it and I have no regrets. I am not advocating that a celiac needs to go grain free.  It just works for me (and my blood sugar is happy).  If anyone chooses to do this course of action, they should consult a dietitian to insure they are getting adequate nutrition and they should let their doctor know.  This also applies to the Fasano diet.  Why?  Because most people do not know about nutrition.  And when you are sick, you might need some guidance!   Finally, I agree!  Who can afford to eat out?  It must be contributing to our obesity and diabetes crisis.  I know Dr. Robert Lustig (Ped endocrinologist from UC San Francisco) advocates: 1) contribute, 2) connection, 3) cope, and 4) cook.  This will lead you to happiness!   https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Lustig This is really getting of topic!  I will need to start another thread!      
    • The celiac tests are: TTG IgA TTG IgG DGP IgA DGP IgG  EMA IgA And....Immunogobulin A (IgA).  This test is used only as a control test when checking for celiac disease.  If your body is not producing enough IgA, the IgA celiac tests are invalid or will not work.    You would also have a immune deficiency issues too.  But that is a separate issue.   The previous link I gave you spells out the test names which are long!  😆
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