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  1. Hi everybody, I am a student at Berkeley. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease 8 months ago through a blood test showing antibodies, as well as a genetic test (not a biopsy). Since then, I have been gluten free. It took me a month or two to get the hang of it fully, so I would say I have...
  2. Posterboy, Thank you dearly for you invested response. I am very grateful to have found your support. I will take a look at these articles now; love the feeling of being in a new direction towards feeling better! And thank you for all the hope regarding hair loss...
  3. Hi Jeannette, I also experienced hair loss. I believe mine is due to an iron deficiency from Celiac Disease - my ferritin was in the 20's for some time (which is odd because I am a male and eat meat) but I have been supplementing for two months and ferritin just got tested and is at 63! I would...
  4. Hi, I am 19, a male, 6'2, with ferritin down at 21. I eat meat but my ferritin has been this low for around a year now (shown in old blood test). I was diagnosed with celiac in April, and have been fully gluten free for a solid 6 months. I've been on iron supplements for almost two months now...