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  1. Well, I was actually diagnosed with PTSD by a psychiatrist due to my physical and emotional state dealing with my kids’ diagnosis. The months leading up to it were filled with terrifying moments. However, I think the OP was just trying to describe her son’s reactions. No need to be offended by the...
  2. My kids were diagnosed with celiac disease 2 years ago and this is the reaction that I have in those situations. This is a hard disease to deal with for kids his age. Knowing what he’s missing out on. All of the social implications are hard for many to deal with. For some, being around it Ike that c...
  3. Fries have never been safe at US McDonald's locations. The fries themselves contain wheat.
  4. If your blood test was negative and you had been on PPIs, you probably don’t have celiac disease. Studies have shown that PPIs can cause bilious blunting. I hope that no one takes this anecdote of yours seriously and tries to “cure” their celiac disease. I’m so tired of people telling me that if...
  5. Are you saying her meds cured her of celiac disease? If she was confirmed by blood and biopsy, how is it that she no longer needs to be gluten free? Is this under doctor’s orders? Have you had follow up bloodwork? I’m sincerely asking.