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  1. Nope been blood, urine and stool tested and all came back clean.
  2. I also have burning bladder pain during and after peeing. And what I’m hoping is an anal fissure causing me pain for several years now. Going to the next doctor soon. Most likely a fissure. The burning pee might be from the fissure.
  3. Hello I have a gluten sensitivity. I have this burning, prickling persistent pain in my groin and thighs. No rash or bumps (out of the ordinary pimples) I also noticed I have itchiness around my scalp and limbs. is this gluten related?? I’ve been tested for celiac, bacteria, urine, ...
  4. I was checked for bladder infection and celiac. I had no infection, and I have gluten sensitivity not celiac. This was 3 years ago. Same symptoms as now.
  5. Hello I’ve had gluten sensitivity diagnosed for a few years now, unfortunately I wasn’t smart and I kept eating gluten non stop. Now I believe I’m reaping the effects of this. But I’m curious if anyone else has these symptoms? it’s hard to use the restroom to poop, it hurts real bad and i...
  6. Hello I have a gluten allergy for a few years now. I have a chronic cough. Sometimes I get this pain in my ribs too. I also have tons of gastrointestinal and bathroom issues. I was wondering what pains you get? - Worried Patient