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  1. You are correct. Every person is unique and a diet for one person will not work for everyone. But, most people don’t realize that being carnivore is an option. I did not, anyway, until after struggling for many years.
  2. A few. However, Meat is complete nutrition, so really no need to supplement. All pills, Including vitamins, contain fillers of some kind and I react To all of them. If I do supplement, then I buy the supplements in pure powder form with no fillers from bulksupplements.com
  3. No need for fiber. I still have BMs just like before. It is the most healthy diet I have ever tried. And, as I said, all my digestive issues and autoimmune issues are gone and for the first time in decades I feel well.
  4. Only meat, water and salt. For salt, I buy the brand Real Salt. It is gluten-free on the label. This is the only salt I found to which I do not react.
  5. I had to go way beyond simply gluten free before my issues resolved. When I went gluten free 10 years ago I only got maybe 50% well. Then I eliminated all processed food from my diet and I got a bit better, maybe to 60%. Then I eliminated all grains, even the “gluten free” ones, and got up to ...
  6. Most people say that all fresh chicken, beef and other meat is gluten free. I have found that to not be a true statement. In fact, I get gluten reactions to most of the fresh meat available at most supermarkets. Now I understand that meat is naturally gluten free. But as we know, even naturally...