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  1. All of you are just wonderful people I think celiacs are the best group of people maybe it is what we had to go thru all are most of our life .
  2. I am 56 and was diagnosed at 52 and I am 100% better than I was I just wish I didn't bloat everyday in the evening. Igained 40 Lbs after going gluten free. I don't understand I tryed cutting out other things but it did't help. I did't bloat much before I went gluten free. I think my sistem is very senctive If I know I am going some where in the evening I try not to eat much that day becauese I don't want to look like I am going to have a baby. I never want to go back the way I was very sick. I don't under stand how my body picked up 40 lbs after giving up all the carbs and sweets. I have not eaten any thing out of a box in 5 yrs my husband said I should not have a weight problem he thinks I don't eat enough I have been riding my bike about 4 miles a day and still haven't lost a pound I don't eat any of the special gluten free food and the breads I figure I don't miss it so why start putting more calories in my system. I did buy me some ceral rice chex it has no sugar and gluten free. Thanks for listing we need to talk about ourselves sometimes because nobody else doesn't seem to under stand us except my daughter and my 3 grandkids and my wonderful Husband of 38 yrs have a great summer
  3. I was just thinking about the uses of rubbing alcohol it will take sticky glue off of windshields and stickbugs off of cars . I'm just wondering if wine works in the same way in our body this could be interesting .Dr's always use to say a glass of wine keeps your arteries clean helps keep plack out of them it could work in the same way in our insides. Well just a thought.
  4. You are doing a great service and another place that needs your help is Hospitals, and Drs offices so they can teach their patience because they don't know and not many of the nutritions' know much about this disease. Thank you
  5. Do you really think the GI drs care if it is postive are negtive they only care that they will be payed either way. If they cared they would try to read and learn more about it because they know very little about celiac and don't act like they want to learn any thing about it . They sure don't want us telling them anything because that makes them look stupid. They could be reading the same things that we read and learn about it but I don't think they want to because there is no medication to give so there goes there perks.
  6. I am 56 was dign. at 52 I had yeast infections off and on my whole life untill I went gluten free and I have not had a single one and they use to be so bad it hurt to walk and did't want to be around any body because it was so bad.
  7. My GI also thought I had hepatitis after he did the scope and when he read the lads reports He ask me if I had ever had hepatitis I said no. He said my liver counts were off the charts and said he was going to run some more test. I had no ideal what he was running and when he call me in and told me it was celiac I had no ideal what that was I thought it was some kind of cancer but he was so good and really took a lot of time and explain every thing to me and told me to read a lot of book on it and learn . He said this is for life and no turning back.
  8. I really don't know what all I have in me I know I am a American and a Texas I keep telling my Mom which is 93 that I am going to have do a DNA test to see if I am really her's. I have alway told her they must have given her the wrong baby at the hospital she they did'nt. I am the only one out of 7 kids to have all these problems and I am the only one to have RH Negative blood so what do you all thank I have 2 kids grown and they both had RH Negative blood have not been tested for celiac. My daughter has colitis and Haushmotos disease I really think she has celiac but she says no .
  9. I think that is a good thing to do maybe they would just learn from there mistakes before it leads to death. Write a letter and send it so they will have to sign for it that way it sounds very important, are go to there office and hand deliver it and ask for a responce.
  10. I know how you feel I was having the hives almost everyday for 2 years, I don't like to go to the dr but finally went after I could'nt stop crying and the dr said it is your hormones since I was 52 let me give you a hormone shot and give you some prozac it will make you feel so much better. Well it did't I got sicker and finally found the right GI and bingo he was my hero Hope you feel better
  11. Texas

    Hello I live in Porter Texas just across the Freeway from Kingwood Texas I would love to know how many people have this disease in Texas. I was dignosed Feb will be 5 years I wish you welll.
  12. Well I had thanksgiving lunch with my grandkids at there school well there was just green beans and turkey and sweet potatoes and I small piece of fried chicken nuggets in my potatoes . I did'nt want to make a seen so I took it out and ate the sweet potatoes. I have had a stomach since that night throwing up and big D my poor insides hurt so bad and I got sore all over. I had it now for 48 hr can't eat anything barely hold down water and sprite. I have check with everybody else I was with and around to see If they have gotten sick made food poisen but nobody got sick. So I guess I was glutened big time and a stupid mistake.
  13. Well I got my up to the light and they both are under the first joint measuring them they 2 inches and I have celiac
  14. I am sorry you are having all the problems, but now I don't fill all alone I been dig for 4 years. You sound like my twin I am 56 and I have never eaten any of the gluten free box stuff are any kind of gluten free bread. I just eat the veg, fruit and meat and eggs but I tryed getting off of the the different foods 2 weeks at a time to see if it make a difference no still swell in the stomach If I know I am going out at night I try not to eat so I don't look so pregant It is not a good feeling. I think I am going to try to quit eating the raw veg and fruit for a while I love them so much. It looks like I may start drinking my food . I don't know what else to do I don't go to drs any more no insurance but may be some day we can figure this thing out. Hope you feel better.
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