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  1. I just spoke to a representative of Tone soap and asked her about the bar soap. She said it is gluten free.
  2. I have been horribly sick all morning after taking Robitussin CF max so I called them and asked if it was gluten free. She said they use no gluten ingredients but do not test for gluten and cannot verify what the manufacturers do. In other words, it is susceptible to cross contamination. So, another to cross off my list.
  3. Use lots of fresh herbs and spices. If your mom says it is too bland, hand her the Cayenne pepper for her dish! LOL Not really! Keep experimenting. Cooking is fun and gluten free cooking is better because we use fresh ingredients and not processed packed chemicals. Best of luck to you!
  4. That is typical. You must just take care of yourself and keep educating yourself. Use this forum, it taught me so much! And read as much as you can on the subject. I can't promise your family will ever come around, but eventually, they will stop encouraging you to eat food which you know will not be safe. It is a long road but has a wonderful reward. A healthy life!
  5. Once again, see my reply above. Why does it keep putting my name to this post?
  6. No matter if you are very sensitive or show no symptoms at all it is NOT related to the damage done to your villi. The damage remains the same. There is no license to "relax" if your symptoms are mild. There is Celiac and Celiac. Not "mild" or "strong". Everyone's symptoms are different. My biopsy proven cousin has NO symtoms, me, I am super senisitive. But it does not mean she doesn't have to be just as careful. In some ways I have it easier as I know right away when I've been glutened and know the offending matter, but she doesn't/ So please, don't think that you can ever "relax" with this disease. You must always be on your guard against gluten.
  7. It's done. I'm home. Only ate my food and must admit my deviled eggs and cheesecakes were awesome! On the way home my son asked, "Are we still having Thanksgiving on Sunday?" I said yes we were and he said " Good! Because their food just didn't taste good at all. There was something wrong with the turkey ( they had injected it themselves and marinated it) and something wrong with the potatoes ( not mom's!) and he wouldn't even take anything home for his wife but a piece on pumpkin bread! See, my gluten free cooking CAN taste better than the glutenous! So on Sunday I will cook for my husband, son and his wife and we'll have turkey and potatoes and green bean casserole and pumpkin muffins and cranberry sauce. Oh, and carrots and parsnips too. Should be lovely. Thank you again for your support. It helped me through today tremendously!!
  8. No eating turkey that has been cooked with stuffing is a definite no no. As for the potatoes, cross contamination is a possibility. It is better to be safe than sorry. I will make a turkey cutlet and a sweet potatoe to bring with me instead.
  9. Thank you everyone for your support. I will bring a cooler with my dinner and hope for the best. I agree that having it in your home is the best but not an option due to the surgery factor. I cooked up a mess of eggs last night to bring deviled eggs, and will make cranberry sauce and those little individual cheesecakes from Carol Fenester's cookbook and I don't care if they eat them or not. I will take my portions out and secure them first though! Even a simple thing like grabbing an egg after they've had crackers and dropped crumbs can make us sick.
  10. Once again we are going to relatives who have an incredible menu for Thanksgiving. Once again I am so depressed because I can't eat any of it. Last year they opened a bag of flour and made appetizers then handed me their kids full of gluten to hold. Even though I brought my own food I was sick for 3 days. Oh? Are those your rice crackers? Better not eat any, my kids have been in them. Now we have to go again and they don't want my desserts. They don't like anything gluten free. I'm sorry to vent. I've been gluten free for over 6 years but once in a while it is so frakkin hard! All I want is to have a real Thanksgiving.
  11. I was at a funeral yesterday and brought my own lunch from home and got violently ill. Again. I had a sandwich on Udi's bread. I started thinking back and realized that everytime I eat it, I get sick. Last week, a fried egg and Udi's toast. Sick. And sick after every sandwich. I kept blaming it on whatever I ate with the bread but now realize it is the bread itself. So sad, but I won't eat it again. I feel better knowing that others cannot tolerate it either. I know it is gluten free but my reactions are those of a gluten reaction.
  12. We have a timeshare there and go as often as once a year. I love the place! We stay in a condo on the East End and cook most of our meals. I have eaten at the LIghthouse and Bacchus with no trouble. Just bring your dining card. I also ate at the Westin and had one of the best meals I've ever eaten. ( I would stay there if it were my honeymoon!)_Have fun!
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