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  1. If you take a calcium magnesium pill before bed... you will sleep very well.. I have them that also contain potassium... like a cup of warm milk and it is good for you... gluten free diet is easy... lots of veggies.. meats and fish... eating clean... you will be surprised how well you will feel in such a short period of time. You will never go back.
  2. same... i did not do the biopsy... either way, I can not do gluten and I feel cured, not being on Gluten... and my skin rash that I had for over 40 years is clear... Gluten Free is the way to Be...
  3. I had a false negative to blood testing.. but, I did find I was IgA deficient.. so that was a blessing... just go gluten-free... The day before you start.. write down all of your issues... and rate on a scale of 0-10... I will bet within 3-5 days you will be feeling better... at the end of two weeks... look over those issues...and rate them.. You will be shocked, to the improvement. I went on the diet and it was a miracle... I met with my specialist and told him, what happened while I was on the diet, I did it without his orders, and how great that i felt... his response: If it walks like a duck... hence, no testing or biopsies ... take a multi vitamin with iron daily and just go on the diet already... you will be amazed how great you will feel.. and the bloat and water weight you will lose from all of the inflammation.
  4. Well... if it walks like a duck... I say you have Celiac or you are very sensitive... go on the gluten-free diet... your Vitamin D was low... because you are not absorbing nutrients from your diet... take a very good multi-vitamin breakfast and dinner to help build up your levels... and eczema is a label for any skin condition, that they have know idea of what it is... the gluten-free Diet is not that hard... it is a life saver...and now there are so many good gluten-free items... Costco has Pizza in a 3 pak that is great... Aldi and Thyme Market have so many items as well.. at really great prices. Try it for 2 weeks... start on Wednesday... gluten-free for Lent.
  5. Find out if your IgA numbers are where they should be... If they are very low... you will have a false negative to Celiac. The biopsy will probably not show anything... that is what happened to me... go on the gluten-free diet for 2 weeks... I am guessing that the itch to your rash will stop within in 5 days... mine did in 3.... if you have any stomach/digestive issues... you will also have less pain by the end of the 12 days... stop the dairy too, if you can for those 2 weeks... you could also have issues breaking down the milk protein, as well... a bit lactose intolerant .. if so, I had lactose issues, but, once I started to heal from the gluten-free diet within about 6-8 months I could do dairy again... If you are someone who also has sinus issues, can't kick a head cold very quickly, then you have IgA deficiency... which your doctor needs to know about. Please google more about it. If you googel IgA Deficiency and Celiac you will learn a great deal on how clueless some doctors are with this.
  6. Sekmet... Cyclelady is correct... I have showed a false negative on my IgA and IgG testing... for celiac.. but, it was a god sent.. Finding out that I was low... almost Nothing of IgA in my blood... I have IgA Deficiency, explains why it takes me 3 time a long to get rid of a common cold..you have nothing to defend it. Long story short, because of that I went on the gluten-free diet anyway, severe skin rash, brain fog, stomach and digestive issues... within 3 days of the diet the severe itch was gone and within days my digestive pain and issues were receding. I went to a IG Doctor and told him my story, I was going to have a biopsy taken to confirm, his question was... well it walks like a duck, if you are feeling so much better... the odds are you are sensitive. That was 10 years ago, and it was my Dermatologist who diagnosed me... only after seeing so many other Drs. for 40 years to take care of my rash and that explained why I always had a head cold, I was told it was Hayfever and dust.. maybe a little bit... Anyway... go on the diet... for two weeks... write down all of your issues on day one... on day 5 write down how you feel, not looking at day one... then on the 12th day... write down how you feel... you will be shocked, that in that small bit of time how much better you are feeling... It is worth a try...
  7. I found that I did not have enough iodine in my diet... so I take a Kelp pill... every day or so... I use Kosher salt and Pink Salt... so I need the iodine... I am shocked by what my ankles look like... I was always swollen... If you can eat shellfish... you should not have any issues with this...
  8. Actually, based on your age...your IgA is a bit low.... see chart.. I have IgA definentcy... so I had a false negative when I was tested for Celiac... Question: Do you ever have a hard time recovering from a common cold... meaning: that it takes you longer than some ? or that you feel like you have a sinus infection that lasts for weeks or is just chronic ? The reference range of immunoglobulin A (IgA) based on age is as follows: Age 0-1 years: 0-83 mg/dL Age 1-3 years: 20-100 mg/dL Age 4-6 years: 27-195 mg/dL Age 7-9 years: 34-305 mg/dL Age 10-11 years: 53-204 mg/dL Age 12-13 years: 58-358 mg/dL Age 14-15 years: 47-249 mg/dL Age 16-19 years: 61-348 mg/dL Older than 19 years: 70-400 mg/dL How long have you realized that you have Celiac ? Jeannine
  9. My Doctor told me that if it walks like a Duck... it is a duck... I went on the diet and and felt better within days...my doctor said that no other tests were needed.. and he was correct... I can tell if I have just a bit of gluten. You do need to stay on the diet... and get stronger both physically and mentally. Check everything for gluten, you will be surprised that has it in it... I am also sensitive to sulfites like you will find in wine... never realized that until I became gluten free, so you may have something else as well. What about Dairy... ? You also need to add additional vitamins to your diet. Since you have celiac, you do not absorb everything from your food. Get away from those Luna bars... just eat clean... make everything and you will be better off. As for your husband.... have his food available for him. My husband actually prefers the gluten free diet, yes, he does crave certain things every once in awhile so, then he eats them. You need to stay healthy for yourself... is there any food that your husband likes/loves, but, gives him heart burn or issues...? if so, make those all this week... torture him...LOL... let him experience a little difficulty. And remind him... Happy Wife... Happy Life.
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