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  1. Jodi Mills

    Hello From Sw Washington

    From Puyallup, there is a group in south king county, unfortunately I was never able to make it to a meeting. I am sure...
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. That is too funny, not that you got glutened, but that i have been wondering what I have been eating that is making me...
  4. Jodi Mills

    Puyallup Washington Anyone?

    Hi just recently moved back to Puyallup Washington, and well trying to stick to my diet, but finding it difficult. does...
  5. Okay so last night we decided to venture out to eat, it has been awhile, an i was feeling pretty good, I normally go...
  6. hey so i am sure you all have already done this, but i got the Pink Pajamas eyeshadow wet and it went on with the brightness...
  7. Jodi Mills

    Break Down

    Hello everyone, sorry i havent been in a while, trying to get ahead in school, since we are going to begin our adventure...
  8. I like to go bright because it makes the blue in my eyes POP. but the subtle look isnt bad either...just makes the blue...
  9. Jodi Mills

    A Theory Of Sorts

    Until i went gluten free, I could out drink many people, and was often designated driver because i was the only one walking...
  10. Jodi Mills

    Martha Stewart

    voted again, still up by 3 %!!!
  11. I feel the same way, I am not much of a natural look girl, I like the bright blues and pinks, purples and greens...but...
  12. Jodi Mills

    Anyone's Dog Have Dm

    Hello, I am wondering if that is what my sisters old Pit bull had. Unfortuneatly he did also get a blood clot in his...
  13. Jodi Mills

    Martha Stewart

    well i hope we are popular then!!
  14. Jodi Mills

    Anyone In Or Around Fayetteville, Nc

    Yeah thats one problem with this state, everything ends in VILLE....
  15. Jodi Mills

    Martha Stewart

    Okay so i just looked, pets 28% allergen publication 31% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!