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  1. Now you have me curious too. We've been using great value tea bags and buying mcd's sweet tea and my gluten-free stepdaughter hasn't complained so I am assuming that they are ok.
  2. toddzgrrl02

    Quick Question

    Yeah, some of it is pricey. I have found a lot of gluten-free stuff at walmart, their great value brand, which has been helpful since we are limited at the stores near us. Another walmart about a half hour away even has gluten-free pasta. It's a little more, but when I make pasta, I only make...
  3. Stepdaughter has been here for a few days and is already gone to church camp. Her dad went with her to make sre she can get to the right gluten-free foods etc. I think we did ok with her meals while she was home though. She eats buddig lunch meat and block cheese and lays potato chips for lunch,...
  4. So I have been researching and adding things to my blog, which has a gluten-free tag to keep all the gluten-free posts together. http://toddzgrrl02.multiply.com/ (look for the gluten-free tag) I read two books last night (kid books) and posted some information from them that I wanted to...
  5. Looks like Holiday World wins so far as being the most gluten-free friendly park near us. That's actually a good thing since that has become our yearly family vacation spot with my inlaws. I bookmarked their food/restaurant page for future reference. Looks like Cedar Point, otoh, has no gluten-free...
  6. I Have a 6 year old daughter with celiac disease and it is very overwhelming at first. i want to reassure you it ges easier.gluten has to be ingested. so you dont have to worry about shampoo because at 14 I dont think your step daughter will put it in her mouth but be concerned with envelopes, stamps, anything with adhesive. As far as putting the whole family on a gluten free diet that is so expen

  7. [quote name='CarlaW' date='May 4 2008, 02:38 PM']This is a very in depth question, so first I have some questions: Have you looked at the advertisements on the gluten free web page? Also, do you have a Fred Meyer store in your neighorhood? Have you looked up what stores in your neighborhood carry...
  8. If the spring weather hasn
  9. [quote name='Mosaics' date='May 1 2008, 09:23 PM']You've got "Michelle" down at the bottom of your post. Is that your name? That's my name, too. [/quote] Yup! I am a Michelle. My 5th grade year we had FIVE Michelle's in my class, so I guess it has been a pretty popular name!
  10. [quote name='Mosaics' date='May 1 2008, 08:40 AM']I would be curious, though, as to which side of the family your step-daughter got celiac disease from. Since it's genetic, it's very likely that either her father or her mother have it. If nobody knows, then they should get tested because any of their...
  11. Wow, I had no idea that you had to even worry about SHAMPOO!! Something I just basically take for granted, but apparently I will have to make sure that my stepdaughter's shampoo and hair products are gluten-free. I'm honestly beginning to wonder how ppl afford such a restrictive allergy. I mean...
  12. So, I am thinking about when YSD is here and what needs to be done before she arrives. I wish I knew for sure if she would be LIVING here full time or here just for a month, because I probably would not go to as much effort to change as much for a short time span... but I also don't want to wait...
  13. We recently found out my 14 year old stepdaughter has celiacs disease. My goal is to find gluten-free recipes I can cook that will feed us all without breaking the bank to do it... or finding gluten-free foods similar to what we normally eat and making it normal for us and making her gluten...