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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. It sounds like your extended family is being insensitive. It also sounds very clear that your immediate family are all having reactions.
  2. Need Dessert Ideas

    Pudding (vanilla, butterscotch, etc), tapioca (I make mine with coconut milk and put berries or baked apple slices and cinnamon on top), dairy free ice cream, berry pies, sugar cookies. Hope that helps to at least get you brain-storming I wish you luck!
  3. I know this is an old topic....but I wouldn't want anyone to actually think that you could become dependent on something like this. That is an old wives tale. People whose bowels didn't work properly started using products like senna or bisocodyl, and their bowels started working. Then they were taken off of the product and their bowels stopped working again, which lead people to the conclusion that they MUST have become dependent on the product. It's false logic and just not true. Senokot's website is very helpful and clearly states that it is gluten free as of today. It does contain corn starch though, so I can't take that brand. I am planning on getting some generic senna and trying that though. My doctor originally suggested bisodocyl, but it's not available without about 40 added harmful inactive ingredients. I haven't tried the senna yet, but I am going to get it today.
  4. I am gluten free. I have been gluten free since 2007, and grain free for about two years. I just wanted to keep updating what has been going on with me, because it could help someone else. Since the original magnesium citrate cleanse (two years ago) didn't work, my doctor had me do it for a second time, where again, nothing happened. I felt pretty nauseous for about 4 hours and my stomach was gurgling, but that was all that happened. So then he told me to take 230 grams of Miralax with 64 ounces of a sports drink. As I cannot have any sports drinks, I had coconut water instead, as it is high in electrolytes. This time my stomach gurgled a lot...but again, NOTHING else happened. I didn't even have any type bowel movement that day. I took the Miralax at 8am, and had a small bowel movement the next day at about 1pm. My doctor told me I would be spending all day in the bathroom. Turns out that's just not true for me. I forgot to mention that he also took an x-ray of my abdomen, and he says there is no mechanical blockage, but that there is a lot of stool. Luckily I am seeing him tomorrow, so hopefully we will think up the next steps to take.
  5. I wasn't sure where to post this topic...and I'm not sure why I feel this way, but I have for the past three years. I go to the University of Oregon and when I am in the music building ALL day, I end up feeling super exhausted, can't think clearly, and have a headache, as if I haven't eaten all day. If I am on campus all day, but have classes in other buildings, I don't feel this way. It's only when I am in the music building for 5-12 hours. I eat the same things that I would if I was at home (since I bring my food from home) and I eat the same amount. There was some construction as they added about 50% more to the building three years ago. I would have these "episodes" when I went into the new classrooms, where I would feel super faint and start to black-out, or get really panicky and have shallow breathing and sweating. (Although, three years ago I also ate foods that I now know cause problems for me, so it could have just been a really random coincidence). Could it be this building? New(ish) materials? I've worked in retail stores for long hours within the last few years and never felt this way. I painted the interior of our house last year and our house doesn't make me feel this way. I guess I'm mostly curious if anyone else has ever felt/feels this way.
  6. I had many doctors tell me this was normal. BUT I just saw a doctor who FINALLY admitted that this is, in fact, NOT NORMAL. Haven't completed any tests yet, but when my new amazing doctor and I figure out what the problem is, I'll post it. Not that anyone ever responded to this....but it could help someone else in the future.
  7. I am curious if anyone has ever been "cured" of any allergies, sensitives, or intolerances. I'm not doubting that the food that makes us sick makes us sick...but maybe there was an underlying issue that was solved, and now you can eat rice again! Or maybe you used to be super sensitive to chemicals or personal products, and now you can use them again. (I'm not saying that if you have celiac disease you could be cured. I totally understand that the only treatment is a strict gluten free diet). I'm curious because I recently had a doctor appointment and for the first time in my life, met a doctor who is intelligent, thinks there is something wrong with me, wants to help me figure out what it is, and doesn't think I am lying. We both think that maybe there is some underlying issue for me, and it doesn't matter what the foods are necessarily, because my body is going to react the way it is going to react, as I keep reacting to more and more new foods all the time. (I never had a positive test for celiac disease, but my body can't handle gluten (and most other food and ALL chemicals). My doctor has been out of town for the last week, so we haven't been able to communicate or move forward yet after my initial visit. But I am just SO EXCITED at the idea that I could once again tolerate things! Even if it weren't EVERYTHING...maybe even just sugars, rice, corn, alcohol....any improvement would make me SO happy. So...sorry to ramble on. I'm just so curious about other peoples experiences and excited for the future.
  8. Homosexuality?

    Maybe a greater percentage of people who identify themselves as homosexual are more open-minded, and listening to what their bodies are telling them (more so than people who identify themselves as heterosexual) so they are just more aware that gluten is affecting them, or have even heard of gluten. Or it could be that because you are homosexual (and/or gluten intolerance/celiac) you start noticing all of the other people who are similar to you. It's like when you learn a new word. All of a sudden you start hearing it everywhere. Or. Maybe it's just a coincidence. Also, why does something have to "cause" homosexuality? What "causes" heterosexuality? What "causes" us to feel we have the correct or incorrect sex organs? Or "causes" us to have certain personality traits we exhibit from birth? I don't identify as homosexual, but I can't help but feel offended when people try to find a "cause" for homosexuality. As if it is something that needs/can be prevented? I'm sure no one here meant any offense (in fact, it seemed very clear that no one did), and it could totally be me reading too far into this whole "causal relationship" thing....it just seems offensive.
  9. CANE SUGAR! Cane sugar caused horrible ringing in my ears. And it's not just after I eat some. It could be days later, randomly coming on in the middle of the night...it took a long time to figure out. Now that I eat zero cane sugar, I get the terrible ringing almost instantly after it's ingested. It lasts for days and days and days, even from less than half a teaspoon. The more I eat, the worse and longer it would remain. Don't believe anyone who tells you this ringing only comes in the form of a disease, and the only cure is medication. Good luck.
  10. I told my doctor that I keep becoming allergic to new foods, as well as feel incredibly sick for days and days when I eat any type of sugar, unless it's a whole, fresh piece of fruit. I also can't tolerate ANY chemicals, ingested or on my skin, including non-organic food. He referred me to an allergist, who I am seeing this Tuesday. They sent me a form in the mail to fill out, with questions like "what season are your allergies the worst?" and "Do your eyes water and does your nose run?" I think only one of the questions even applies to me. I'm not sure what to ask for when I have my appointment. They are planning to do a skin prick test on me. If they prick me with gluten, that will effectively gluten me, correct? I don't care that they see or don't see that I have problems with my already known allergens. I feel like this test might be a complete waste of my time, but it's also something I HAVE to do in order to get another referral to someone who could potentially help me, after this doctor fails to diagnose my problems. I would like to get the most out of this appointment if I can. Like I said, I don't know what questions to ask, or what kind of tests I could ask for or bring up might be helpful for me. Most of the time, if I don't have a specific test in mind, the doctors just turn me away because they don't want to find out for themselves what tests could give us answers.
  11. I'm hesitant to bring this subject up with my fiance as I am not the bread-winner, and already the sole reason our food bill is so ridiculous....plus I am afraid that if I try it out, I will feel better and then it will be yet another permanent expense, and in a way, another "restriction." Do you notice any difference with types of seafood? Are there different types I should be aware of? Farmed vs. wild? I can't eat some salmon and scallops that are pre-packaged. Maybe they add something for the color or preservation? Though it doesn't say anything like that on the packaging. When I get it fresh from the fish counter I can tolerate it.
  12. Considering Getting A Copper IUD

    I also had a mirena IUD and also had horrible cramping after orgasms. I also had severe cramping once when the IUD shifted inside my body randomly. I got it taken out the next day. It scared me to think that this tiny thing could puncture my internal organs or uterine wall. I will never do anything like that again. Or use synthetic hormones. It makes me sick to think that a doctor was willing to put that thing inside me. I was told that the copper IUD can significantly increase cramping, which was why I opted for the mirena.
  13. Headache Survey

    A lot of foods I am intolerant to cause me headaches. The biggest offenders are sugars and alcohol. I can eat most whole raw fruits, but ANYTHING else sweet gives me major headaches. It usually depends on how much of it I eat. If I take a sip of alcohol or eat less than a teaspoon of cane sugar, I will have a severe throbbing headache for at least 4 or 5 days, day and night. It's best if I lay still and not talk or move. I used to take ibuprofen, which helped minimally, but, it's so hard on the stomach...not something I want to further aggravate. I usually just try to drink lots of water because it feels like it dehydrates me, or like all the water has been sucked out of my brain.
  14. I have been wondering if eating animals and animal products (eggs) that are sickly (fed grains and who knows what else) is making me ill. I have done everything else I can think of. I eat only organic, whole foods...but not necessarily when it comes to meat and eggs. Has anyone noticed a difference when they only eat the healthy animals? I know that these animals who are ingesting poor diets are super sickly...but the healthy meat is so much more expensive/not always as readily available that I've never tried solely the good stuff. The other problem is that I eat SO much meat....the cost would really put our grocery bill over the top (we already spend at least 1/3 our income on food). BUT if it means I'm healthy, it would be worth it. Thoughts? Experience? Maybe this is the reason I am still becoming intolerant to so many foods.
  15. I have been completely grain free in the past. I was grain free for about 3 years....I was and am still developing more food intolerances though. I use some buckwheat flour now (if you consider buckwheat a grain. Some people consider it more of a seed).