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white ridges

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About Me

diagnosed :active gluten sensitivity 5-13-08

diagnosed: sensitive to casein. soy, yeast, eggs 5-13-08

HLA- DQB1 1201 + HLA-DQB1 0302

also sensitive to: peanuts, MSG, Aspartame, nightshade family, sugar, caffeine

have White Lines on my fingerprints

have Vertical Ridges on my fingernails

no 'moons' except on thumbs

main outward symptoms: bloating and constipation (gluten & soy)

headache (aspertame/ NutraSweet)

insomnia,swelling of hands,feet, inside head/ heavy pounding head (MSG)

heartburn, insomnia (caffeine)

rectal itching ( sugar + sugar and gluten)

cold symptoms ( sugar + gluten)

skin reactions (peanuts + ???)

nose-nostrils swell, itch, red, and/or very sore ( peanuts + ???)

brain fog (gluten and sugar)

I have not knowingly consumed any of my reactive foods since late April 2008--lost 9 lbs. and my pregnant belly look. Feel great

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