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  1. My finance (the one with celiac disease) and I were on vacation in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was our second day there, We went to Shane's Rib Shack in Raleigh, North Carolina. We got there at opening time and a huge crowd of people were able to order before us. So the kitchen got busy very quickly. I told the cashier taking our order that we were ordering from the gluten free menu. When I proceeded to order the barbecue chicken she asked me if I wanted a roll for my food. I decide not to get anxious at this point and give her the benefit of the doubt. I asked if the buns were gluten free. She asked the cook. The cook said no. This was my previous assumption, but my fiance and I continued to order. I peeked into the kitchen (it was kind of open so you could see in) and saw bread flying around the kitchen. It didn't seem like there was any time for them to think about changing gloves. We ate our food (no buns of course) and later my fiance got sick. There is no way to know for sure what caused his sickness, but he was feeling fine before we ate there. Usually, when he gets "glutened" he feels it an hour or so after eating. We think cross contamination could be an issue there. The staff did not seem knowledgeable.
  2. I think it is important to speak with your friends about your gluten intolerance. Though, you may feel like you are burdening them there is an obligation among celiacs to spread the word and awareness of glulten intolerance and celiac disease. I know this sounds like a task and I cannot deny that it isn't a task. Your friends or yourself, should speak with the restaurant chefs and the owner about the importance of avoiding cross contamination. Clean surfaces, foil, safe surfaces, etc...you could get sick from even the smallest amount. Gluten intolerance is not just about eating wheat it could be from cross contamination. Be very careful or your condition will not improve.
  3. We went to this restaurant. It was great and they had a gluten free system that was consistent between the front of the house and the back of the house. They brought out different color appetizer plates to indicate to the server to indicate to the kitchen to have "safe practices" and they were very accommodating. The owner came out and spoke with us and was very assuring. Five Star Service.
  4. I thought I would let you guys know about the support group in the Annapolis area at the hospital in the Sajak Pavilion. Some of you may already be aware, but at the slight chance there is someone out there searching for some help I would mention it. It is a wonderful group that is very supportive. It is not your typical "sit around a circle and discuss your feelings" support group. Rather, it is good mix of information and support. It was very helpful and there was food!
  5. What does DH stand for? I think it is important for him to discuss it with you. It is a serious illness. Maybe ask him that same questions you proposed to me..what would he do if you got sick and was unable to cook, or show him how....now is the time to learn..now is the time for him to understand the basics...or maybe get a new DH...lol
  6. We have been advised not to eat out for awhile until we feel comfortable with the gluten-free lifestyle in our own homes. Is there any restaurants in Maryland people know about? Not like PF changes because frankly i don't trust them. My fiance is very sensitive to gluten so any tips would be great. Do you call the restaurant ahead or bring the celiac disease card with you when you go out to eat?
  7. I emailed dermablend and I got this reply for them. I use their makeup and the two products listed specifically so I was relived when I got this reply. August 14, 2009 Thank you for your interest in our products. As a global leader, the L'Or
  8. I have to say to everyone that I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the amount of support that is out there. Everything has been helpful...the patience, the tips, and the sense of urgency. Sometimes I get so sad that he is sad, frustrated or angry, and then feel bad for feeling bad myself when he feels bad. We both are becoming more and more serious then ever before because we are just now starting to understand the importance of going gluten-free and how detrimental even the slightest bit of gluten can be. It is so nice to speak with other people and we have our support group tonight. I am a celiac sympathizer. I could never fully understand, but I do believe I need to make the same gluten free changes in my life to support him and just at the pure risk that our unborn yet to be conceived child may have Celiac. I know it sounds dramatic, but now we are on a mission to get through to our family and friends so they understand this is a serious illness not to be underestimated. I don't expect people to change their lives, but I do epect them to understand we can't go along where ever they go or eat where they eat etc.. I am going to look more into the Diet you were telling me about BEA, but I am confused on the yogurt directions and where to get a yogurt maker? I think he definitely has build up of bacteria and the yogurt would be helpful. Where would be the best place to get a probiotic enzyme to help him? I got the B12 last night, along with new pots and pans, but not sure where to find or what brand is gluten free. I took the B12 myself and have to say I feel good today.
  9. Some one had already told me on here to consider lip balms etc...as a source of gluten. But what about shampoo's, conditioners, soaps, etc?? Can those be a source off gluten too? If so are there any recommendations?
  10. Thank you for finding me when I couldn't find you. I feel you must have been sent to me by the celiac gods. I want to thank you for all the advice you have given me. I will be sure to pass on the word to Brent and begin the process as soon as possible. I have already begun to take steps to help Brent heal. I wanted to ask you about Candida? We are wondering if that is related to his cool burning sensation in his right lower abdomen that spreads across his abdomen? We have heard similar descriptions of discomfort on this forum but no one seems to know what it is or how to help it. Do you have any advice on this? You seem to have a wealth of knowledge so any knowledge you are willing to share is greatly appreciated.
  11. I hadn't thought about makeup. I am trying to make all the right calls here. I just went out and got some b-12. and i hadn't thought about the makeup or lipgloss...i just wear lip balm sometimes..any makeup or product suggestions? where can i find the product thread. I am not entirely sure how to use this post yet. I tried to get in touch with the user Yolo but was denied doing so. I don't know why... So how can i look into my make up am i just looking at the ingredients.? I still need to get a new toaster oven..our new oven should be gluten free because we just moved but our kitchen stuff was old and needed replacing anyways...i am glad we are doing it after finding out about hid celiac disease.
  12. Everyone's advice is very helpful...keep it coming. We are getting ready to go on vacation so I am trying to prepare the best I can. Everything is harder on the road, but we have to go 9it is with his family) As far as the manufacturer for prescription drugs..how do i know who makes it? is it on the bottle? i will mention the other test for his other food allergies. We have a lot of kitchen equipment to get rid of..(
  13. Hi Everybody, I am new to this forum. About a year ago my fiance was diagnosed with celiac disease. I have a few questions about the disease, but most of all how i can help. For the past year, we have made blind attempts to guide him through the gluten-free lifestyle and it has been tough to figure it all out. We are still making silly mistakes (like today we accidentally were eating sushi and he ate the imitation crab in the California Roll - which we hear may contain gluten). He seems more and more depressed each day and is constantly grumpy. His medication for acid reflex may or may not have gluten and I am concerned it does. I purged the house of gluten, i have sent out information to local restaurant, and bought him books etc..I just want him to get better, but I admit it gets harder everyday dealing with his misery. I know that sounds awful, but I don't think I can ever fully understand so I empathize and try to help to fix the issue. I guess I just need some answers to questions I am not even sure how to ask. Any help would be great...here are some initial questions...any answers would be appreciated. 1) What headache medication can he take to help with headaches? 2) How do we know what prescription medications to avoid? 3) Are there any hidden Gluten Foods or items I should know about? 4) Should we get rid of all our old equipment we have used in the kitchen before we knew of his celiac disease? 5)is our toaster oven un safe? 6) he has headaches, stomachaches, fatigue, grumpiness, anger, etc...what can i do to help him with these symptoms..are there any medications to help ease him symptoms? 7)Which enzymes can he help to help ease his digestions..where do we find them? We are going to support group this friday, i found him a mentor, is there anything else we can do?
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