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  1. Eastender

    A New Language...

    what a comeback story!! You go girl!! Did I see that you are not eating sugar? Sounds like you are eating exactly what I am. My alternative med guy just gave me a food allergy test and the gluten intolerance showed up. what do you do about the the ingredients we can't have? I don't mean the food "product", but the ingredients. Glad you are healthy!
  2. Eastender

    New Diagnosis

    New to gluten intolerance. Live on an island. Very difficult to get "gluten free" stuff. I am not a baker, but make almost everything else from scratch. Is there more to this reading labels than I think? I mean, cold there be gluten stuff in a can if the ingredients don't say so? Thanks for [b]any[/b] help you can give me.
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