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  1. DON'T SEE a nutrionist or dietician unless they have read DANGEROUS GRAIN, or the PALEO DIET. PLEASE do be afraid to ask how much they know before you go to your visit and how many Celiac's they have treated. Ask if they have read these books. SAVE your MONEY! They don't have a clue, we do...
  2. nutritonists leave a lot to be desired if you live in south east florida. Interview them first before you spend money for nothing. Ask them how much experience they have in helping people with celiac disease. How many other Celiac they treat? Ask if they speak to Celiac's at hospitails or support...
  3. glutenexpat -- You will get the answers and support you will need here with the loving people on this site. First you might like to buy the book mentioned above -"Dangerous Grains" you must must read it. AMAZON has it right here. If you can't affort to buy it call your local library see if they...
  4. I have a confession to make.... Me too! I've been in denial.
  5. I had an experience the other night that I never had before. I get night sweats, not really bad. Not like some of you. I just get a little clamie, and sweaty. Well the other night I am trying to reintroduce rice and potatoes back into my diet. I had meatball soup. I made from scratch. I cooked...
  6. Judyin Philly -- made a suggestion for someone to start this threat.
  7. paulasimone -- Thank you for your thoughts and you are right-on it. The thyroid doc is very nice but I really question her ability. She went on vacation right after my RAI and I had no way of contacting a doc for weeks and without being on any thyroid meds following it I have developed a heart...
  8. Hi all! I'm here looking for some answers to why I can't sleep. I have been Gluten & Dairy free for 5 years now and I'm not sure what the problem suddenly is. I have always been a night person my entire life I thought it was because I was born at 1:50 a.m. [giggle] and love the night... I...
  9. candidas? I was tests it was negative. My 85 year old daddyO gets them he told me and he's a diabetic.
  10. These night sweats are getting worse for me. It's 3:30 east coast time and I'm still up... Has anyone asked their doctors what is causing them. Or what we can do? I was reading in a book about autoimmune disease that people like myself that experience seizures can't take EVENING PRIMROSE it...
  11. Hi All! I still get night sweats even if I don't eat gluten haven't in 5 years. I do consume sugar... Someone mentioned antibiotics -- I did that for a infection in my gums from a broken back tooth I had no idea I had. I was on the antibiotics only a few days and I felt GREAT! I was shocked...
  12. This might sound silly I have lived gluten dairy free for about 5 years -- and now no night shades either after my thyroid problem. = SOY is POISON. What do you mean when you say GLUTENED? What is that??? I feel like a dah? [giggle] Like if my 85-year old daddyO eating wheat bread gets a tiny...
  13. I'm the same way... I keep a celiac journal everything that goes in my mouth, everything I do and little things like if I have had steatorrhea or just diarrhea, also night sweats and etc. I can't find and common thread. Anyone know what is the cause? Could it be you were having fun with hubby...
  14. Well, I spoke to soon. I was doing good with my thyroid med and haven't had night sweats in months. Then the day before yesterday -- I ate a dark chocolate candy bar, I've eaten them before without a problem, but its been a few months (around the same time the night sweats stopped.) I have a...