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  1. My son was recently diagnosed (blood test and biopsy confirmed) with Celiac. During the biopsy, they also drew blood to do additional testing re: other food allergies. Turns out he's also allergic to wheat, but the other tests like diary and corn were negative. However, for several months he's had terrible headaches and a brain MRI found a sinus infection. I spoke with a life-long celiac today who immediately said "Dairy." If the medical test was negative, should I pursue this avenue with eliminating it as well? Just wondering what everyone knows about headaches and what suggestions you might have. He's on some powerful antibiotics so this is complicating improvement to his stomach issues. He's taking a probiotic....is there anything else we should do?
  2. BevMo (Beverages and More, if you have the chain) also carries Hansens and Boylans...and other cane sugar based sodas.
  3. I realized after reviewing this post today that I missed answering about the above ingredients. They are fine. The one on the costco box (Stagg Chili, Steak House Reserve, Chili with Beans) has Wheat flour and wheat protein as ingredients. This is how I made the mistake - I think! - that the website says the product was okay and the actual packaging doesn't. I just didn't know what to think. And since everyone agrees that Hormel is good about this stuff, I am confused. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks all for the assistance. The problem I am concerned with isn't my son's reaction (there wasn't one because I didn't serv it to him!), it's that the manufacturer's website has a gluten free list that includes non-gluten free material. We bought the correctly gluten-free labeled and identified product, but only after purchasing the WRONG product at Costco (admittedly without doing our due diligence by confirming that the label was the same as the website list) because it was on the manufacturer's gluten free list. My question is: What to do with this info? Do I contact Hormel about the discrepancy? Do I now become suspicious of the other items on the list? My problem is the "below the radar" artificial and natural flavorings ingredients listing on several of their other products. If the list isn't reliable for one product, do I trust the science and disclosure on other products about these "artificial and natural flavors?" It's the barley flavoring of concern since it doesn't cycle up to the major allergen list. I just wondered about the collective thougts. After I contacted Hormel a while back, I felt reassured about some of their sausage products. Should I re-think this? Many thanks!
  5. I didn't know if I should identify the company and product. Hormel Company, Stagg Chili - Steak House chili They have at least one type of chili (Classic)that is actually labeled gluten free. Here's the Hormel Gluten Free list URL: http://www.hormelfoods.com/brands/glutenfree/default.aspx#Misc So, just keep checking? And don't rely on the lists? I am having trouble with the "Natural Flavorings" thing and hoped these lists meant that the hidden unknowns were okay.  
  6. Just curious what others do when they've checked a manufacturer's list, found a "gluten free" product, gone to purchase it only to find it has wheat in several identifiable components. Obviously, eating it is out of the question. Does it do any good to call the manufacturer about the list? Does it usually mean other things on the list aren't reliable? It's a very big manufacturer and, since I am new to this, I am perhaps a little too optimistic about finding reliable tools, help and advice from suppliers. It's just so frustrating and disappointing. Is nothing reliable? And I had already contacted this manufacturer about other products. Their response was that they clearly label all their products. That's true....just not their gluten free lists?? Any help or advice is most appreciated.
  7. Worked great this time! Thanks. And thanks for the very helpful site. FM
  8. Thanks for everyone's input on where to blog. I'd like to set up a blog on C.com but don't seem able to. When I go to the Blog tab, there's a button to "Create new blog" but when I click it, I can't go any further. There's just a non-clickable message "manage your blog" and "comments". Can anyone help? I'd just like to create a link to the blog I set up on blogspot. And it doesn't look like the blogs are updated very often. Is that typical for c.com? I haven't noticed any changes in the blogs in days. Just curious.
  9. Thanks, you guys, for answering. I wouldn't want you to think that I'd be putting myself up as any type of celiac expert. I'd just like to share the pitfalls of starting the hard journey. I so admire and respect what this website is, as it's been my touchstone for many answers, even before I knew what we were dealing with. Any time I typed a question into my search engine, this website came up. Feels like my new home really. So, I promise no medical advice, just what it feels like to be a newbie. So, thanks again for just being there. I have no idea where all this will go...it's just bottled up amazement that you can feel so "in control" of your like only to have something as elemental as everything you eat CHANGE!
  10. Hi. This website has been ENORMOUSLY useful during the last 30 days. We've found that our 12 year old son is a celiac. It's been quite a journey and friends are encouraging me to blog about it. My question is about where and how to create a blog. It probably helps to define the purpose of the blog, so they are: 1. To help others who may go through the same process 2. To inform close friends and family about what this means 3. To share how we are coping with the diet and lifestyle changes. That said, where is it best to blog? I'd just appreciate your opinions. I read through Celiac.com's help and find that a blog can be internal or external. Since I am a newbie to blogging, does that mean there would just be a link to the blog on celiac.com but that it could be found through search? Would facebook be a better place to consider? I also have a work website that could provide the URL. I'd just like to be sure that people who it would help will find it. Many thanks for any suggestions.
  11. I put together a quickie today...a riff on a BLT...corn tortilla warmed with bacon, fresh tomato and spinach. I used some mayo flavored with lemon zest and garlic as a spread. very tasty and very quick.
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