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  1. Hi Abby, I've had a rash for about 3.5 years now and have been gluten free for 2.5, low iodine for a little over one year. My skin seems very sensitive to the amount of iodine I eat, and I have occasionally gotten to a really great point of healing and clearing before managing to muck it all up by going on holiday or something. Of course, then it's like being back at almost square one again for the longest time. As far as I can tell you, it does seem to have an ebb and flow that sometimes seems to not correspond to anything you are doing/eating. It really is the most frustrating thi
  2. It looks quite mild, but it certainly could be DH. I get blisters and red spots on my fingers all the time. The blisters are sometimes very small, just pore sized. Stingy, burny, itchy and blisters sounds a whole lot like DH to me.
  3. Yes, I definitely get a pronounced reaction to sun exposure. Before I ever even had DH, I would get a rash from the sun that was nearly identical to my DH rash. I always thought it was some sort of allergy, and I'm still not sure if it even ties into DH in any way. It's just interesting. I've been tested for Lupus and I don't have it.
  4. If I keep my diet simple and lower iodine then my skin is better. I used to have that red rash you have, but that's gone now and what's left is more like purigo nodularis, but not exactly. The bumps I have will flare and blister if I get cc'd or have too much iodine. I am still terribly itchy in general, but I do believe that I'm slowly healing as it's so much better than before. For the record, I've been gluten-free for 20 months now. I really hope that once you are gluten-free it'll never come back. I can't see any reason to think otherwise. Good luck!
  5. Looks like DH to me. My rash used to look just like this before being gluten free for some time. My guess is that between the wheat noodles and the massive salt hit from the ramen flavouring is what caused this particular outbreak. I'm also very itchy even where there's no rash. Drives me crazy to say the least.
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