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  1. blanchemae, This is the auto-response..... I have a relative that just got back from RCCL and they were extremlly accomadating with her gluten-free diet. From what I can tell the fruits station is seperate in the buffet area from the breads etc. I don't know if you've tried any of the...
  2. We're booked on royal carb. in Sept. I have to admit, I'm a little nervous to. We were cruisers prior to celiac disease as well. My travel agent requested the gluten-free diet for us and we got a automated reply about what foods to bring. Let me know if you want me to send it to you. Are you...
  3. I've seen lactic acid being derived from beets here recently in a few products. Here's an explantation from Applegate Farms on what lactic acid is and does. http://www.applegatefarms.com/faq.shtml Click on "Our Prodcuts & Ingredients."
  4. You might want to give Hero Nutritionals a call and confirm with them. They have a vegetarian calcium with vitamin D supplement that might be worth checking into. My dd took it along with their sour gummies for a while. Here's the website... http://www.yummibears.com/modules.php?op=m...&artid...
  5. My dd and I love them as well. I recently discovered that they come in larger bottles. I had been buying them at Wal-mart but at Walgreen's I found the 120 count! She used to take Hero Nutritionals Yummi Bears but they're sour. She liked them of awhile and then got to where she wouldn't take them...
  6. I enjoy eating sushi to. I was thinking about taking a class so I can learn more. I tried to make it at home one time and the rolls were anything but tight. We have a great local sushi rest. and we took our dd with us. (I wasn't gluten-free at the time but my dd was.) We asked about the children...
  7. I used Libby's Canned Pumpkin a couple weeks ago. I called costumer service and they confirmed that it was gluten-free. They were very helpful. The rep. said they have had a strong policy for many years on listing all ingredients on the lable. I was worried about cross-cont. as well. So just...
  8. Carolyn, I find that Aloe helps to soothe my tummy as well. I've been using George's Always Active Aloe Juice. I find it at the health food store and it tastes and looks like water. What kind do you use?