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  1. does Celiac diease have anything to do with wheat allergy ? And do you have to have loose stools also .
  2. forget the Mirlax omg got deathly ill from it... alot of other things ... are you the one on ASAP board
  3. well after trail and error and 2 more test I do not have celiac ... yipppeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. razzle51

    Constipation / Gluten Free Relief

    I have drank that mag citrate , ugh usually 2 bottles but thats my last choice ...
  5. razzle51

    Constipation / Gluten Free Relief

    I do have Hypo thyroid and take meds for it ...Mineral oil makes me puke. thanks for the suggestions . Just having a terrible time
  6. I know I started this topic but cant find it . what beside Mirlax is glutin free for constipation... thanks
  7. what kind of Magnisuem tablets powder ????
  8. are grits gluten free ? read one place they are and another place they are not. Thanks Roz
  9. razzle51

    Really Random Question About Paper In Soup!

    whats done is done ? Dont worry you will be fine
  10. razzle51

    Nightshades Too?

    Ok what are Nightshades
  11. So now I am putting 2 and 2 together .. I suffered with acid reflux for years , constipation for years , had gall bladder out...fatigue and pain .. and it finally comes out when I am 61 yrs old . so glad I found this group...
  12. Does Flaxseed or flaxseed oil seem to help with constipation... I bought some and added to my food and doeesnt taste to bed ....
  13. razzle51

    Recommendation For Me

    Biopsy did come back DH... My dr is in Sioux city , Iowa ..
  14. razzle51


    yes Thyroid is fine I will look for a probiotic . thanks I was thinking about Flax seed oil ??