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  1. Come get me supper is more pick-up leftovers. What isn't eaten tonight goes into freezer or trash.
  2. lol, DH made me gluten free burger and fries (pity party post the other day)
  3. Been gluten free 7-8 wks, got gluten first day (thursday) of mini vacation. Stopped by mom & pop place that hand patties there burgers, have had there hamburger steak before but really was craving a burger so ordered it without the bun with only cheese, ketsup and mustard. Mistake, came to find...
  4. The chicken and waffle thing is definitely southeast, but none for me EVER. It just looks so not paired well together, but keep in mind the joke in my house is I'm not southern (born and raised in the south) and sometimes I'm not American. All because I don't eat southern foods (grits, sweet tea...
  5. You mean all Rudi's are not gluten free? Does how much you get affect how bad symptoms are, such as CC symptoms less than eating slice of bread?
  6. My old PA (she moved away) told me Biotin supplement. Of course we never thought to investigate the cause; more concerned with low grade fevers.
  7. I think I started falling apart at 35. First gall bladder, then PCOS, diabetes, moved on to rare lung birth defect (dx at 40 and removed 1/2 lung). Now more tummy issues than normal. Most of time feel better with low blood sugar compared to how I feel after eating.