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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. Takala I'm back to not eating out again, just not worth it. Seifer, thing is with this disease he is looking at I'm not truly allergic. My skin test was 119 foods, all negative. Oh well it is what it is.
  2. I alredy have them due to bee allergy.
  3. Negative celiac blood work Positive dietary response Dec 26 ate at o'Charleys (gluten free menu), started with normal uh oh I had gluten response that progressed to anaphylactic shock and ER visit Jan 11 food allergy testing. Not allergic to anything, but doctor is worried about Mast Cell disorder with wheat and/or gluten as the trigger (this disorder causes allergic reactions to triggers without having a true allergy) started on Zantac 300mg and Allegra 360mg a day. Dr feels I am safe to eat whatever. Yesterday we ate out (cheeseburger with chili, no bun, FF). I felt a little of my gluten response. I mean just a little (could be the Zantac helping-even though its a tummy med, Techanically it's an antihistamine). About an hour later I started itching ALL over, came home and took the Allegra and within 30 minutes I was fine. Today, I just took both meds in AM so that it is more in system during day. Wednesday I will start the 24hr urine test and drop it off Thursday am and have blood work done at that time. So my journey continues, but I'm still avoiding gluten/wheat since it is a trigger for something in my body.
  4. I really want to say, lol just to keep from crying. Celiac was ruled out for me also, stayed gluten free anyway because I felt better. Accidentally had some and ended up in ER from anaphylactic shock. So I headed the allergy direction to. On a positive note, you can avoid the the things that bother you and still have accurate skin allergy tests (it's really not as bad you will think). Now I'm at testing for a mast cell disorder (it's means you have allergic reaction to triggers, but are not allergic in the sense that allergy shots help) and have been placed on Zantac 300mg and Allegra 360mg a day. Hang in there, the answer is out there.
  5. My understanding is it can take up to a few days to react to gluten. Also you may not have celiac, you could just have non-celiac gluten intolerance. Same symptoms, negative blood and biopsy results.
  6. What's For Breakfast Today?

    Mini chicken taco x4, only a minute in microwave. Need to get back to smoothie for breakfast.
  7. Baked potato with Velvetta cheese dip on top
  8. Mmmmm sounds good. Found a recipe for sausage pancake bites that I'm going to try this weekend. It would be awesome to have a gallon bag of those frozen (yep started looking for recipe after seeing dunkin doughnut commerical).
  9. Come get me supper is more pick-up leftovers. What isn't eaten tonight goes into freezer or trash.
  10. lol, DH made me gluten free burger and fries (pity party post the other day)
  11. I got a good deal on two boxes of this. So on the pancakes, can I make some batter, cook and freeze for quick breakfast? Do you freeze like normal? How about the sausage balls? Any other ideas?
  12. lol, thank you everyone. You made me laugh which is pretty awesome feat today.
  13. I broke down and had a pity party today. I'm sick with a cold thanks to body unable to fight it off due to the 60mg/day prednisone due to allergic reaction (poss. Wheat). On the way home from work, I just felt Soooo bad and wanted comfort food (I.e. kids cheeseburger meal-fast food). I cried, but didn't stop, came home and took a nap. Today was just so hard, then DH is nice enough to tell me he got him something from there. Uggh men!
  14. I can't tell you which is better, never had either. I am going for allergy testing January 11. What about the skin test?
  15. It is an adjustment...for me it was easy to say no (stomach virus sick within an hour, most recent episode ended with ER trip for anaphylactic shock--testing Jan 11 for wheat allergy vs gluten intolerance with secondary allergy). As to what to eat, I prefer the combination flour pasta (corn, quinoa), even DH said it was good. We do cook both, separate strainers. It is just to expensive to feed 10 people gluten free pasta when I'm the only one with issues-just Sunday dinner, don't feed that many daily Breakfast is usually egg substitute omlets or chex cereal. Lunch is either left overs or turkey/cheese roll-ups and chips. Make sure to read the labels, some lunch meat has gluten. Chips do also such as Pringles (which happens to be my favorite).