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  1. Hi, welcome! its kind of good your doctor has tried to be thorough with testing. A lot won't bother with the genetic testing after negative antibodies and biopsy. My testing was based on gluten challenge, positive antibodies and a positive HLA DQ8. Did your doctor test the full panel? There is...
  2. Well before I had my thyroid out I was having a pre discussion with the surgeon about the procedure and what to expect. He seemed to bounce around the office like zebedee and proceeded to explain how he just "whips out the thyroid and lobs it into a bucket" ... no wonder I was extra nervous and was...
  3. Hi, I had an incredibly itchy scalp for years and was really embarassed about it. After 5 weeks being gluten free it had almost disappeared then I realised that coffee seemed to trigger odd blisters so Ive cut out coffee for the last 2 weeks and I'm completed itch free . Not sure if coffee was...