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  1. Hi, welcome! its kind of good your doctor has tried to be thorough with testing. A lot won't bother with the genetic testing after negative antibodies and biopsy. My testing was based on gluten challenge, positive antibodies and a positive HLA DQ8. Did your doctor test the full panel? There is another test I believe if a person tests negative for antibodies as there's some people who don't create the necessary antibodies. Sorry I don't have the info at the moment (maybe someone else does..I think its DGP Iga)? The HLA testing doesn't necessarily mean a person has celiac disease (but has the potential to develop it) so your doctor was obviously going on your symptoms/gluten challenge too. If you feel much better without gluten then just stay off it if you can because if you do have celiac disease then it'll be causing your body damage. Is it that you were hoping for a more definitive result to keep you on the straight and narrow? Your doctor seems fairly sure and maybe your blood test result was close enough. Good luck
  2. Hi, sorry also that you have to go through this. I had a total thyroidectomy over 3 yrs ago now. At first i started off on low dose then raised it gradually. I was on tablet form levothyroxine and tried different makes, most of which made me feel like my throat was closing up (a very scary experience). I must've been allergic to an ingredient but I'm still not sure what. I was eventually put on Levothyroxine oral solution (I'm in the UK and this is about £80 a bottle so my gp wasn't happy). I feel fine but agree with nvsmom and would've much preferred to use the natural form but unfortunately I can only get it off ebay which makes me nervous of quality and dosage. Hope all goes well
  3. Hi, I have the DQ8 gene and was diagnosed with celiac disease 2 years ago. In fact blurred vision and anemia has been my worse symptoms along with achey arms, bloating and dh. Edit: Oh and brainfog...I forgot that one☺
  4. Hi Bridee, I still suffer with blurry vision after being gluten-free for nearly 2 yrs which maybe because I'm still not absorbing iron (it should take a child hopefully less time to heal). I have to take iron supplements. I also wonder sometimes if im not healing quicker as I think the only gluten which maybe creeping into my diet is barley from cereals which are on the "allowed gluten-free list" in the UK due to having tiny amounts. I'm not convinced they should be allowed! Good luck
  5. Would love to try them as I've been looking for gluten-free veggie burgers and sausages for a while now. They look nice but I've not seen them in any mainstrream UK supermarkets as yet
  6. Let Me Go -- Avril Lavigne
  7. Tango in the Night - Fleetwood Mac (Sorry moosemalibu, I followed the wrong song and you was too quick for me before I edited it )
  8. Hiya Blessedmommy, I've been veggie for over 30 years but its only since being diagnosed with celiac disease 14 months ago that I've took more interest in cooking from scratch (used to practically live on microwave meals!). Anyway, I've a few decent books but tend to throw allsorts together in a slow cooker or wok and hope for the best or failing that use internet sites. Came across a recipe today of a quinoa base pizza I'm going to try which is on the Joe Cross reboot fat sick and nearly dead website which looks yummy and healthy. Feel free to share any of your recipes
  9. Can't get used to losing you - The Beat
  10. Yeah I'm a veggie, I take the B supplements and try to eat healthy but still low on B12. I might be wrong but think mushrooms are a source pffft I'm not too keen on them but will try the sublingual. cheers
  11. Thanks Adalaide, I will mention it. Like you say, it may be a bug I could've picked up from the hospital. Just hope tomorrow's infusion goes better and I don't come out with something else and I feel energised to clean my house from top to bottom
  12. Hi HavaneseMom, I'm feeling alittle better today thanks but still a booming headache and tired. Got another infusion tomorrow and hopefully that's all I'll need. Yeah maybe I have my tea at the wrong times but think I'll cut it out for the time being and introduce gradually
  13. Thanks Ravenwoodglass and HavaneseMom, I'll get the bilingual b12. I only have a couple of cups of tea or coffee a day as I've cut down alot but didn't know about the non-heme iron etc. Its a pain but if it helps me get some energy back, I'll quit completely. Infact just having a ginger and lemon tea right now, but must admit I love my morning cuppa tea.
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