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  1. Dh122012


    Yeah I feel like I am one of the lucky ones, low dose too. Maybe you need to up ur dosage? I would figure you'd have...
  2. Dh122012


    so do you think if I am ascribing to a GFD I can taper off the Dapsone now and it would potentially not come back? That...
  3. Dh122012


    I was told that I could come off the Dapsone after 6 months to a year of strict gluten-free diet, does that sound right...
  4. I never had any luck with Triamcinalone (Kenalog) neither the cream or the shot :-/ I didn't get improvement with anything...
  5. Dh122012

    Dh Rash Bleeding Now

    I love Sarna! Its the best OTC product I have ever used for the itch!!! It literally saved my sanity during pregnancy...
  6. Looks a lot like mine me thinks I was sucessful using clobetosol propionate to keep my itching low and the blisters...
  7. l've been nauseous all afternoon... could the gluten withdrawal come on that fast? I did as you recommended and searched...
  8. Dh122012

    DH Photo Bank

    Initial skin biopsy (punch): eczema negative, puritic vesicle observed Immunoflorescence IgA skin biopsy (punch): Weak...
  9. Dh122012

    Interesting Reading On Dh

    This really is a fantastic compilation of DH references! Thank you! It worries me a little that you talked about your...
  10. Thank you so much it's bittersweet though I must admit. I stopped buy my local liquor store today and they smiled...
  11. Yeah I'd seen that even in medical journals as a professional perspective. But it all happened so fast and since I was...
  12. Hello all, I am super frustrated with my diagnosis journey over the last 15 years... a new city, a new diagnosis. Can...