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  1. RT @martinvars: Americans should get Europeans to stop smoking and Europeans should get Americans to stop eating.

  2. RT @jakeadelstein: A Yakuza war is brewing in Japan—and the police are taking sides. https://t.co/kOcj1K9Z9S via @vicenews

  3. RT @tkb: This World Polio Day XKCD comic via @BillGates is just perfect: https://t.co/uOdt8IXveD https://t.co/uVbJaKIubY

  4. RT @abesford: Tesla cars are all part of a network: when one car learns something, they all learn it. #IoT http://t.co/32byix6YqX http://t.…

  5. RT @michaeldweiss: Very good. http://t.co/gCwMsTY9mx

  6. RT @MattMcBradley: This news is coming from #Iraq's "Suqour Intelligence Cell" which claimed last year that it had killed Baghdadi.

  7. Ethical Business Challenge [11] – Our Logo Design Process http://t.co/z4Mm38qSda http://t.co/dbeUppdkUF

  8. RT @paul1kirby: Deadly case of gender bias. Female-named hurricanes kill lot more people as they are not taken as seriously https://t.co/Go…

  9. No way... https://t.co/5fEfLgWyAI

  10. RT @JakeSherman: Thanks for reading, Mr. Trump! https://t.co/HbihXFmz6E