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  1. I had to look up lipedema because I'd never really heard of it or considered I might have it. I always just thought it was extreme bloating, lol. But like you, I also could never wear Ugg boots or similar styles. Even at normal weights, my calves were too thick! I did also experience frequent bruising...
  2. Before I went gluten free, my feet and calves were always swollen!! My pant size was a regular size, but I had to buy boots that would fit a plus size calf, and even then, they were a tight fit! I thought I was just doomed to have cankles my entire life, but going gluten free solved the problem....
  3. I've taken digestive enzymes any time I eat out as an extra precaution, and also because meals out, even IF it's 100% gluten free, tend to be high in things people with sensitve bellies tend have issues with. I think they're occasionally useful at making eating out a more comfortable experience for...