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  1. Hi Kareng and Gilligan Thank you for all your replies! Gilligan and I are surely not the only ones who make the same beginner-mistakes... Gilligan: Looking forward to your post, that you fell better after not eating the contaminated broth anymore! I got the anwer from the creamery: No gluten in my favorite Salad-Sauce. The "wheat" in the other sauce is a different Seasoning-Mix, that my favorit doesn't contain. And in the other sauce the wheat is clearly declared. So my life get's easyer and happier again with my favorite salad-sauce (but stilll without roasted-chicken at aperitivs and with another mix at my brothers!)
  2. Hi Kareng In Switzerland they have to write the declaration too - at least the big companies. With the small local producers, who produce a limited amount, the law is not that strict. The salad sauce comes from a little family-owned creamery 15km away and is only sold in some nearby villages. That's the reason, why I bought it. Industrial salad-sauces have a terrible taste. But this family-made sauce ist just wonderful in taste! Like homemade... But as tasty as it is, I think it contains gluten. But let's see what they answer. :-))))
  3. Hi Folks I've been living gluten-free for 3 1/2 months now - so I thought. But for about five weeks now I felt very tired and I suffered from brainfog. Ok, I was ill with the flue and lay in bed for a week; that could be an explanation; but there was another symptom: My legs felt heavy and I had problems walking right after standing up from a chair. After walking some meters it gets better. This is not a symptom of the flue. I know that from gluten. And I had some small lesions in the skin that reminded me of DH. I started thinking and examined everything I had eaten. Here is my result: - I have bought a salad sauce that following the label contains no wheat. But it contains a "seasoning mix". I found the exact declaration of the ingredients of another salad sauce from the same house in the internet. The seasoning mix contains wheat. I have sent an e-mail to the producer to know the exact details of my favorite; but I guess I already know the answer. - At an aperitiv three weeks ago I ate the only thing I could eat: roasted chicken. Yesterday I was at another aperitiv and before starting to eat the only thing I could eat (chicken) I asked the caterer if the seasoning mix on the chicken contains gluten. It does. - I phoned my brother to be sure that the ice-cream I had at his house on christmas eve really was gluten-free. It was. But my brother investigated further. The seasoning mix he uses for the rice contains wheat. I realise that even food I never-ever would think there's wheat in, contains wheat. I was at a restaurant and discussed my possibilities for a desert with the waitress. She recomended sorbet. I asked her to verify that it was really gluten-free as during the last few weeks I had become skeptical. Guess what the answer was. The sorbet contained gluten. I got a wonderful house-made cream. At the table we discussed why in the world sorbet should contain gluten. We found no answer, but I have to live with the fact! Of course there are brands of sorbet, that don't contain gluten and there are seasoning mixes, that contain no gluten, too. But one has to verify everything.
  4. Beware of salad-sauces! When I order gluten-free, they nearly always bring oil and vinegar in nice litte bottles and salt and pepper, so I help myself. Strangely, most salad-sauces contain wheat, even "Italian-Style"
  5. Hi I am off gluten for 7 1/2 weeks now. I have to eat in restaurants rather often. Before I got there, I phone and explain them "I am with this group of 8 people, reservation was made by Joe Jones for thursday, I have to eat gluten-free". Until today all have said: "This ist no problem". When I am there I declare myself as the gluten-free who phoned a few days before. Last saturday, after a fine gluten-free-dinner at a banquet for 100 people (the sauces were specially prepared for me), there followed a buffet of delicious desserts. I went to the chef and asked him: "Which ones of these declious sweets can I eat?" He showed me the chocolate-cream, the raspberry-cream and the lemon-cream. :-) Until tody, I had no problems at all. I found the chefs very helpfull. One of the restaurants even served a gluten-free roll. My only "bread" in this 7 1/2 weeks. I have stopped eating in self-service-restaurants. I am realising that in nearly every sauce there is wheat.... I always cary some corn-crackers with me. Yesterday at a working-place, were I was as a guest, we were offered canapés; I explained I had to eat gluten-free and that I had something with me. So I munched some corn-crackers and some grapes.
  6. Alaine I have a tip for your acne: Oil pulling. First thing in the morning: brush you teeth and clean your tongue with a tongue scraper or tongue cleaner. Then take a bit of sunflower oil into your mouth (or olive oil) and move it around for 15 to 20 minutes. Really push it between your teeths, there must be action; until it beomes watery. Spit it out into the toilet and flush it away with a drop of soap or washing agent. Brush your teeth and clean your tongue. This helps geting toxins out of the body, specially araound the mouth. It is no cure of the underlying cause, of course, but it may help with the symptoms. The original recipe has been written by a Russian (Karach) - so he used sunflower oil. Other oils may work as well (I use olive oil when I run out of sunflower oil - it works)
  7. Mawk Some of your symptoms remind me of mercury poisoning. Do you have Dental amalgams? It might be an other poisoning, too. In the German part of ther world there was a wood preservative agent, which contained Dioxin. Although it was used in the seventies of the last century, the timber is still evaporating Dioxin. I knew somebody who fell sick afer moving to a house, where one room (his office) had a timber-wall that had been treated with that decades ago. I whish you good look to find your way out. Your symptoms could come from so much. i.e. the having to read a text several times could come from the brain fog - but it could be a symptom of a convergence deficiency of the eyes, too, which of course might again have an underlying cause. The best way to find the cause ist to listen to yourself. You know, you feel, you supect. And you will find the answers to your questions.
  8. I was dooing some further research in the internet about a skin condition affecting mostly my arms I have had for 30 years now. I am absolutely overwhelmed by the result. At the end of a cascade of searches I looked for "prurigo nodularis gluten". I found this thread: http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/95047-please-take-a-peek-for-me/ These pictures could be from my arms! Pictures 2, 4 and 5 have been more or less my all-day-condition for the last 30 years. My arms are full of white spots (scars) as described in an answer to the original post. Pictures 1 and 3 fit too, but not regularly; picture one even very seldom (once every few years - probably after a reunion with two croissants in the morning, noodels for lunch and cake during the afternoon-pause). It's all DH... it's all a symptom of gluten-intolerance! (I have decided to talk about "gluten-intolerance" and not "celiac disease" to avoid the discussions with friends about what the symptoms of celiac disease are (instant diarrhea, condition so grave that you have to been hospitalized) and how a celiac has to look like (skinny; surely not overweight). And by no means will I have an official diagnosis. Doctors and therapeuts had their chance for 55 years to find the diagnosis.).
  9. Hi! Thank you very much! Now it was me who had to do a quick google-search for "PCOS". I was never diagnosed with hormonal disbalance in general or PCOS in particular and would say, I never had that - except of the shape of the body. I have looked at several "before-after"-pictures of PCOS and there I found myself - in the before-part, of course. I guess they found a signifant correlation between celiac-disease and PCOS. And as gluten might be the common cause of both conditions (besides a multitude of others) of course there was a correlatioin to be found. I have look up lipedema once again and the symptoms come from inflammation of the body fatty tissue. I've read about some very severe cases, and once again I found that I have all they describe, too - but in a much minor degree. I estimate that I am 14 kilos overweight. Thanks to your description of your former condition, I realised, that since I went gluten-free I didn't experience my shoe-laces hurting me, so that I had to loosen them. Before going gluten-fee; I had that regularly. My feet were bloating, not very much, but they were bloating. This is a fact that only in this moment I realise must have ben a symptom of gluten-intolerance. Trying to remember, when my feet were bloating I see myself in a reunion, sitting at tabels with about twenty other people. And I see the croissants and the pieces of cake on the table beside the coffee and the orange juice. I loved the croissants and the cakes. Especially, as at home, I NEARLY NEVER had such foods. I was persuaded, that a croissant or a little piece of cake every now and then wouldn't harm. The tipical out-of home-goodies. The same way I thoght a little piece of bread or a tasty bun out at the restaurant every now and then wouldn't harm. Or a peace of cake at the traditional meetings in advent season. Well, it harmed a lot! You wrote it took you half a year until the condition resoved. So I will be patient for another 4 1/2 months.
  10. O, thank you so much! It's the first time in my life that I meet somebody who like me has thick calves! In all my life I never had high winter-boots, because the boot-legs were not wide enough. They would never fit. I had boots to work in the mud, with wide bootlegs, so you could put the lower end of your pants into the boots. Only those kind of boots had the right size for my calves. I have had that all my life. For me it is unbelievable, that an entire life I had a problem with gluten without ever realising where the cause of the ever changing ailings lay. I once showed a doctor a finger with - as today I know - DH. He had no idee and gave me a unguent. I have had DH (in a very light or light form) for years. In restrospect, the intensivity of my DH must have been correlated with my gluten-intake. My fatty tissue at my legs hurts when I squeeze it and I often have bruises; these are tipical symptoms of lipedema - did you have this too? I find it strange that while surfing the internet I could not find any correlation between gluten and lipedema. For me, the way I experienced the gluten-intake via the rye-bread and the deterioration of my health, the correlation ist clear. There are clinics all over the world for treating lipedema - but not one mentions gluten as a possible cause. Only in forums like this one I found the correlation between "gluten" and "water retention". Well - at least with this thread future internet-searchers for the causes of lipedema will find a hint here to a possible cause!
  11. Hi I am new as a writer to this forum, although I have been reading for several weeks every now and then. I had thick legs all my life. Intuitively for the last 10 years I have been eating very few wheat, I had corn crackers, corn noodels, corn spaghetti. Two or three years ago I started eating out for lunch - and gained three kilos within no time. I felt it was water. I haven't lost this water since then. In the restaurant they always serve you slices of bread with the meals. Now I know: This must have been the cause. This Summer I decided to change from corn to wheat spaghetti. At the same time I discovered, that the bakery in the nearby town made excellent rye-bread, 100% pure, no wheat added, really dark an crusty. I loved it. Two months later my health was ruined. My legs were swollen, I had problems walking and standing. I had an excema that turned out to be DH (Dermatitis Herpetiformis) as I found out thanks to a book and pictures in the internet. I spent hours surfing the internet and reading books and articles to find out, what was going on. As soon as I realised, what it was, I stopped all gluten. That was six weeks ago. The DH has nearly resoved. The thick legs, I found out, must be Lipedema. I found a therapeut, who takes care of them. She does not the ordinary lympatic drainage but a much more intensive therapy. I still have water retention in my tissues, not only the legs, but the arms, too and all over the body. It ist not just a lymphedema - it must be a changed, watery, "fatty tissue". I haven't lost any water until now. I have been walking around with compression stockings, I had my legs wrapped; but there ist no resolution to my problem until now. Has anyone experienced something similar and did it resolve by eating no gluten? How long did it take? My tissue ist much softer now, but I guess I still carry around about 10 kilos of water, if not more. Thanks in advance for your answers.
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