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  1. I am feeling better now that I have been home around those that really care and do their best to give me all the support I need. I hope everyone has at least that core group of loved ones that give them support and understanding! I cannot imagine having to go through this with noone in my corner...
  2. Has anyone else been diagnosed, but not had malnutrition issues? I am also extremely confused about the excessive bruising and severe muscle cramping. All my lab tests came back normal. any advice?
  3. I think my big issue with others touching or having gluten around my things is this: This time I noticed that you moved and and such my water jug, but what if I don't notice? What if I become lax and then they become even less vigilant about handling my items? CC is serious and I certainly...
  4. man we should plan a serious gluten-free support holiday! How nice would it be to know the people around you understood and could talk about other things and eat together too!
  5. Thank you all for understanding. I even got the whole " you should have gotten your own room and never let us stay at your house". Really because all the treats I spent hours and hours making for you were not enough. Well they certainly will not be staying at my house ever again. This is...
  6. jiggles,' I am considering cutting out dairy completely. I did replace most of my dairy with almond milk, but have not been looking at the ingredients in products. I might just have to go all out and do the whole foods only and add things in slowly later.
  7. Since being diagnosed with celiac disease, I have read so many accounts of non-supportive family and friends. I had never experienced it first hand though. I thought I understood and could sympathize with others in this position. I was wrong! I have two sisters from my father's side of the...
  8. thank you both for your comments. I have decided I will not eat anywhere that is not 100 percent gluten free. Each time I have tried (with the exception of the sushi place in town) I have been seriously glutned. I can not believe how violent my reactions seem to be getting. If I eat at home I am...
  9. I have been glute free for a very short time. Only about 2 months now, but I am so careful at home. I was feeling better (at least my leg cramps,bloating, constant migraine had been going away). Then we went on vacation. I was gluten ed and I have not been able to feel better since! I know my...
  10. I have been experimenting with things that I miss: Sesame chicken and sweet and sour chicken for my Chinese takeout chicken fingers and fries for my bowling alley moment and CAKE.-- we have had a lot of birthdays here. I loved them all! if anyone is craving and wants a good recipe...
  11. Well, vomiting was a new symptom for me. Went on vacation and didn't stick to my guns about the food because I felt like such a pain. Yes it is, but I paid for it dearly. First, migraine, then vomiting and then 4 days of gut wrenching pain in the just right of center area under my ribs. Right...
  12. Tonight's dinner is zucchini noodles with cooked chicken chunks in lime juice and cilantro with tomato and onion!
  13. teriyaki chicken and white rice. . I added extra pineapple juice and use 5 spice on the chicken when I cook. My family went crazy over this meal. I had to make it twice this week since there wasn't enough the first time. lol http://glutenfreecooking.about.com/od/saucesandmarinades/r/TeriakiSauce...