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  1. Hope you start to feel better soon now that you know what is wrong.You must be glad all the testing is over now..
  2. kerrygirl15


    I'm really sorry about your cat bartfull...x
  3. I hope it gets easier for you....I'm sure it will in time...You should make a homemade gluten free pizza...
  4. Hello Mari&me, You sound like my mum and dad-worried...x Just wanted to say I'm thinking of your daughter and hope she feels better soon.Hopefully the doctors will figure out what's causing the anemia soon.I'll pray that it's nothing serious.
  5. Hi Kbart, Sorry to hear about your daughter.A few years ago I was tested for celiac disease my bloods were positive and biopsy negative i was diagnosed with NHL lymphoma.I was tested a few months ago again and this time both my bloods and biopsy were positive for celiac,also an intestinal myeloid sarcoma was found and leukemia in bone marrow and spinal fluid. I wish I had gone gluten free a few years ago and maybe I wouldn't be so sick now.The doctors think that I had celiac disease for years.I think anyone who has positive bloods has celiac disease and needs to go gluten-free(my gastroenterologist says she should have put me on a gluten-free diet earlier).I hope I didn't scare you but I don't want your daughter to end up really sick in the future when maybe it can be stopped now. Best of luck
  6. kerrygirl15

    Fear Of Unknown, Other Ai

    I hope you find a doctor who can help you soon.I know how you feel about living in fear,I'm kind of like that right now I'm really scared too.Sorry I'm not of much help but just wanted to reply to you.Dont give up.Hope you feel better soon.
  7. Thanks everyone for your detailed answers.As it turns out I am having high dose chemo at the moment so I have lost 90% of my hair again .In a day or too it'll all be gone.Hopefully other people will benefit for your answers.Thanks again.
  8. Ok,thanks Christiana.Hopefully when my bloods improve my hair will too.It's not the most important thing right now anyway.Thanks again
  9. I know this is only a small issue but I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced hair loss with celiac disease and if so does it improve with the gluten-free diet?I had really long hair down to my waist until I was 17.Had chemo,radiation etc at 17,18 so lost it all.At 19 it finally started growing back after treatment.I'm 22 now and it's nearly down to my waist again but it's really really thin and is coming out in clumps.When I have a shower the shower gets blocked because of all the hair that falls out.When I get up in the morning my hair is all over the pillow.I put my fingers through my hair and so much comes out.I really don't want to cut it because it took so long for it to grow back but I'm really embarrassed now about it so I probably will have to cut it.I'm afraid if I cut it it won't grow back?Is the hair loss due to celiac or is it something else?Maybe it's the ms meds?If anyone could suggest anything that might help that would be great thanks.Again I know this is only a small issue but I really don't want to be bald again!
  10. I am also anemic.I have been getting weekly vitamin B12 injections and iv iron infusions.My levels are going up slowly but surely.I have also been trying to eat raw liver which is really yuck but I just want to feel well again so I'll do whatever it takes and it's working which is great.I hope your daughter gets the iv infusions soon.The oral iron supplements didn't do anything for me either.Hope she feels better soon.
  11. Hi, I was tested for celiac disease when I was 17.My bloods were positive but my biopsy was negative.It turned out to be non hodgkins lymphoma. I am 22 now and just out of hospital after septicemia.While in hospital they re tested me for celiac my bloods and biopsy were positive this time. If you tested positive for celiac disease at 11 then I'm pretty sure that means you still have it now.I know if I were you I'd still be gluten free even if I had no symptoms cause I'd be scared I'd get sick if I didn't. Please don't put your health at risk.The last few years have been a nightmare for me.I hope that I can feel well again with the gluten-free diet.I think celiac disease has been the root of so many of my problems.Going gluten free isn't the end off the world you know and if you don't go gluten-free you might get very sick when you are older.
  12. kerrygirl15

    Struggling - The Hardest Part

    Hi, I was diagnosed a few weeks ago too.I'm finding it ok so far.I'd do anything at all to not be sick all the time so going gluten free isn't too much trouble for me. I was in hospital for septicemia when they tested me for celiac disease.I had had a blood test when I was 17 for celiac which was positive ,when they did the biopsy that time it was negative for celiac but it turned out I had non hodgkins lymphoma.The bloods this time were positive again and when I was out of icu they did a biopsy which was positive for celiac disease.I was severely anemic and my platelets were extremely low so I had a number of blood transfusions now I don't know if that was from the sepsis or celiac maybe both.I am also very low in vitamin B12 at the moment and have to get injections every week.My magnesium and potassium is also low at the moment.I am still quite anemic and I have to have iv iron infusions until it's right again.I do feel a lot better than before I am still very tired and stay in bed for pretty much the whole day but I am getting there.I know it'll take time to feel healthy again but I am an extremely patient person so I think that's a good thing for me. Maybe you are anemic or have vitamin B12 deficiency? Try to be patient you will get better well I hope anyway!I always say I will get better I think that's what has got me through the last few years!There has to be light at the end of the tunnel! Hope you feel better soon.
  13. kerrygirl15

    Celiac And Now Ms. :(

    Hello Christine0125, Just wanted to say that I have both ms and celiac disease too.I was diagnosed with ms last year at 21 after mri and l.p. and celiac disease just a few weeks ago after bloods and biopsy.Hoping that the gluten-free diet will improve both ms and celiac disease.My mum is 49 she was diagnosed with ms at 39.She's not so good.She has been in a wheelchair for 6 years now.Our doctor recently tested my mum and dad and sisters for celiac disease because I have it and my mum and sister have positive bloods and are waiting for biopsy results.Maybe when my mum goes on a gluten-free diet she'll improve a little,I don't know really.Anyway,I'm always praying that she'll walk again one day and I pray that I won't be in a wheelchair when I'm older. Hope you feel better soon.
  14. Hi kittyforever1, Just wanted to say I hope you find out what's causing your problems soon.I have both M.S. and celiac disease.Diagnosed with M.S.last year at 21 and celiac a few weeks ago.Anyway,good luck!