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  1. I almost forgot that I discovered that handcream I was using had maltodextrin in it. This 'sugar' had to have been made from wheat. When I stopped using it, the rash vanished!!! We have to be so vigilant!!!
  2. I had a rash for 6 years. The punch biopsy always came back as contact dermatitis. Doctors tried organic clays, steroids and much more. It would SLOWLY get better. As soon as I stopped using the products, back it came. It was the dog treats. They had a teeny bit of wheat in them. I am that sensitive...
  3. When I get glutened, I vomit, get a massive migraine, have to go to the ER and get fluids and pain meds. I am in bed for at least 2-3 days. Going out to eat is a major, stressful event. I grill wait staff and it still happens sometimes. The last time, I wrote a letter to the restaurant, where I had...