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  1. Gluten-free foods are expensive for stores to stock, and then when the public does not buy the product, the store loses money. Some years ago I found a bread mix product made in Iowa, which local stores stocked, and I could buy online. Several years ago the business was sold, and shortly after, the...
  2. If you have been playing basketball and running all along, something else may be occurring. Histamine intolerance? No cure for that, only relief by following a low histamine diet.
  3. You have multiple problems, and may have several different diagnoses. I needed sinus surgery, and was referred to a teaching hospital University of Iowa. I had to jump through all of the surgeon's hoops by seeing specialists in other related departments. He told me, "Sometimes we think we are allergic...
  4. Oh. Please get a referral to a large teaching hospital. The specialists there will give you answers. Take care.
  5. Last summer an allergist tested me for foods to which I had exhibited reactions--itching, coughing, sudden congestion, post-nasal discharge, asthmatic response, rash... However, I showed no reactions to these allergens. When I asked why then was I reacting to these foods, he told me it may be histamine...
  6. Hello Ken, Over a period of ten years, I had reactions to foods one after another. I had already stopped eating gluten when the doctor who did my colonoscopy ordered a blood test for gluten intolerance. Of course, it was negative. I broke out from tomatoes, melons, pumpkin, and the list goes...