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  1. Interesting as I have checked in my local Morrisons twice recently for Mince Pies and they never have any. I might contact them to complain!
  2. Have you guys been trying out gluten-free mince pies yet? Don't bother with the Tesco ones (very dry and crumbly and not much filling), however the Sainsburys ones I really recommend (good pastry and lots of filling). I will also be making my own this weekend!
  3. Interesting, although looking at photos of nails affected by psoriasis mine look different so not sure if it is that
  4. Hi all, Thanks for your replies, some really helpful information. I had googled it all before but just got very confused! The malnutrition does sound the most likely cause, so I am trying to get to the bottom of what is specifically causing my nails to grow like this. Looking at those links and others it seems zinc and vitamin b3 are both possible causes. Apparently Vit B3 deficiency is very rare, although I assume being celiac it is possible. I also have been getting eczema flare ups on my knuckles and fingers for the last year or so, and I also have acne flare ups (although I have always been prone to acne), so I wonder if any of this is all related. I wanted to see a dermatologist but the doctor wouldnt refer me (said that they can do the tests themselves and anyway there is a years wait to see one on the NHS). So I am going to have some tests and will see what the results are. Apparently though they cannot test for Vit B3 deficiency so not sure how I will find that out ...
  5. I was wondering if any of you guys have or had ridges on your nails which you think are related to celiac/gluten? For about the last year and a half I have had these horizontal ridges, they are most prominent on my thumbs but also on my other fingernails (and I think my toenails). I believe they are something called Beau's Lines, which occur due to an underlying condition. If it is due to celiac then this is fine as I was only diagnosed 6 months ago, however what is strange is when they first appeared. I believe I had celiac for at least 5 years prior to getting diagnosed as I had been experiencing regular mild digestive issues (constipation, bloat, wind etc), and these have more or less cleared up. However my nails only started to look funny a year and a half ago, and have gotten worse. At first the ridges were at least 2 or 3 millimeters apart, but in the last few months they have become 1 mm apart which indicated something happening every 1-2 weeks. In 6 months I may have eaten gluten once or twice by mistake, but generally I am very careful and so I can't believe it can be specifically due to gluten intake, especially as my digestion is now usually fine. I mentioned them to the doctors once (before I was diagnosed), they were completely unconcerned and said nails sometimes do funny things (I was surprised as I thought nails were a good indicator of health). I am sure if I went again they would say its just the celiac and I need to give it time, so really I wanted to check with the celiac/gluten intolerant community if this is common, and if anyone else had to wait a while before they went? I don't want to be ignoring potentially another underlying condition.
  6. I am also finding the same problem! I have only been gluten-free for 6 weeks, however for pretty much my whole life I have always had a big appetite and eaten way more than normal for my size. A former boss used to say I eat like a truck driver - I was always hungry and would stuff my face but managed to stay slim - I always put it down to high metabolism, now I know that isn't the reason why .... 😭 I think I am feeling even more hungry now I have gone gluten free, its really frustrating as i never know how much food to cook or take with me to work for lunch. I eat a large portion and an hour later I am hungry again. I assumed the hunger pangs would go but I guess it is going to take some time... Ennis - which enzymes and probiotics would you recommend? I have been taking iron supplement (in liquid form) for energy as I don't eat meat (not noticed any difference), and just started on magnesium with zinc as I heard this is supposed to help other nutrients absorb and may also help with energy. Also, do you eat high fibre & protein for all your meals? What about carbs? I have given up dairy for now and eating mostly unprocessed whole foods so hoping this will help.
  7. Wow I know who to ask when it comes to gluten-free cakes and sweet treats! 😂 I did have some gluten-free hot cross buns over easter which were pretty good, one lot were from ASDA and the other I can't remember the name but I bought in Morrisons (not their brand, they don't seem to sell much which is Morrisons branded). The thing that I will miss is pastries, I presume there are no decent croissants or pain au chocolates out there When I can be bothered I will try out some gluten-free baking. I've made a decent gluten-free victoria sponge in the past as my brother doesnt eat gluten (he has ulcerative colitis) and when I added xanthan gum you couldn't notice the difference at all! I will definitely be making gluten-free mince pies at Christmas too, although I imagine they will be crumbly. Although I will have to avoid cakes and other treats for the time being, I am not eating dairy and trying to eat as little processed food as possible for the next few months seeing as I am in the initial stages of being gluten-free. Although I will allow myself the odd treat every now and again
  8. Hi, no problem! It was the biopsies and as far as I am aware that is normally the case unless you have severe atrophy. Before I went I thought they could tell on the day but the doctor carrying out the procedure said most of the time they can't see. I asked him after if he thought it was celiac and he said "It looks like it probably is but if I hadn't known I was looking for evidence of celiac I wouldn't have said you have it".... So that didn't really answer anything! I went gluten free immediately after as you no longer need to eat it (although 6 weeks on and I haven't noticed a huge difference except maybe my digestive issues have improved). Are you having sedation? I just went for the normal throat spray (which tasted of bananas and gin!), and it wasn't particularly comfortable but was ok and personally I would do the same again.
  9. I will check out that other post, good to connect with others in the UK!
  10. Thanks thats good to know, I did think some of what Coeliac UK said seemed to contrast with actual celiacs and their experiences. I am definitely going to stay on the stricter side. I have their food guide in printed form and the app, but to be honest I have just been checking the ingredients of whatever I buy, like we discussed my other post if it mentions "may contain..." etc I will avoid. I am trying to eat less processed food now anyway so that makes it easier. In fact I kind of wonder what purpose the guide serves seeing as allergens have to be listed in ingredients (I know this wasn't the case pre-2014), isn't it just easiest to look at the ingredients that check a book/app each time, or is it because the foods in there are safe for cross contamination?
  11. I has my endoscopy about 6 weeks ago, I didn't make a particular effort to eat more gluten the day before, just the same as what I had been eating, and my biopsy was positive for (partial) villous atrophy, so if its there it will show up.
  12. Hi Ennis, thanks for the reply. I don't think they have changed the ingredients, as far as I know the barley malt vinegar has always been there, and the Coeliac UK list is pretty up to date I believe. Its weird as Coeliac Uk actually say on their website that barley malt vinegar is ok! I will give it a miss if this is what others do, best not to take the risk.
  13. Thanks Cristiana, I will have a look at local nutrionalists (the search function doesnt seem to be working at the moment). Hopefully I'll get to see an NHS dietician soon so I can then know what else I need to see someone about. I don't have anyone in my family with colon cancer so will see what the GP says. I am not too worried about it down there, but it would be good to have peace of mind. I have noticed quite a few celiacs are dairy free, and also read suggestions for doing it in the initial stages like you mention. I have gone dairy free now since a few days (goodbye cheese *sniff* ) so will stick to that and see if it helps. I also have moderate acne which I have always had, the pill was the only thing that cleared it up but I had to stop taking it last Dec for various reasons and so my skin has got bad again, so I am hoping that going gluten and/or dairy free will help with this. It hasn't so far! I'm also cutting out as much processed food as possible for a few months to try to help my gut and hopefully heal quicker and get some energy. Although I am not being 100% strict, i.e. I had some popcorn at the cinema today, but in general most of my meals are made from scratch now. Hopefully I'll stick to it in the long run apart from the odd treat! Yes I have joined Coeliac UK, I just got their magazine which had useful info and their website has been really helpful too, plus it has lots of recipes which I need to check out!
  14. Thanks Gemini, I will have to check out the sandwiches at Starbucks and Neros some time. I thought Costa also did some but haven't spotted them in any of their stores. I have heard about Beyond Bread, its in the Coeliac UK accredited list, I definitely will be heading there to try out their cakes and their toasted sandwiches look great too! Let me know what you think of it when you go! LOL 😄 I am actually a Chelsea fan, but I still love Jose and believe he will come back some day (after he has finished destroying Man Utd ) Good to know re MaccyDs, I don't go there often but there is one which is open 24hrs near where I live so very occasionally on my way home I may find myself going on small detour.... Thats surprising about Wetherspoons! I assume you haven't had any cross contamination issues? Do you find the staff there helpful and understanding when ordering? Thanks Cristiana, I haven't eaten out in restaurants much since, but will be trying to stick to the ones which are Coeliac UK accredited as much as possible, which I think all of those are. I shop mostly at Morrisons as its my nearest "large" supermarket, and they have a good free-from section (although I am trying to stick to less processed foods at home), I'll have a look at the food to go options might be a good idea to stock up on some for those emergencies.