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  1. yes but i’m experiencing some fatigue and anemia so i wanted to make sure that i am going the right route
  2. And i am now anemic and just want to make sure that my gluten-free lifestyle is necessary and what i need to do
  3. I had an endoscopy it was negative or didnt show damage to the villi. he didnt read my blood work before performing my endoscopy, and called me back telling me that my blood work was positive but that he was just going to keep my diagnosis of IBS. i have been living gluten-free i just would like...
  4. In 2013 I went in to my gasto dr. after continued abdominal pain. He did a Celiac panel b/c I requested it. I had tried a 3 day gluten-free diet prior to my test. My results were: tTg IGA 35U/ml ref 0-15 The dr did not read my test result before doing an endoscopy. All I know is...