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Holden c

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  1. Addressing to those whose damaged gut is still in the recovery; what’s your experience after ingestion of some fat/oil, such as eating some tuna sandwich without much leaving its sunflower oil out, or eating grilled salmon (usually has high fat), or some grilled chicken thigh etc. My latest e...
  2. What i meant was this food acid additives such as E330. What i feel is that it causes an irritation, perhaps in the stomach lining and also down the line etc so that the stomach empties its content too early and things go wrong starting from there , resulting in a premature need to go. Just...
  3. Hi everyone (i’m new), what i wonder is if anyone has any trouble with vinegar (even with such small amounts that comes, for instance, from the gluten free mayo you use , or simply if you put some vinegar into your salad). That’s first. Second is, do you experience any bad effects of ...