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You Can Lead A Body To Nutrients, But Can You Make It Take Them In?

Posted by , 12 December 2012 · 1,421 views

reactions to my new program

I recently started rotational diet, pancreatic enzymes, and vitamin B 12. Sorry all of you scientific people to start 3 things at once, but that is where I am at.

1 My tummy is noisy, noisy, noisy.
2 I am experiencing some pain in the lower abdomen.
3 My pants are getting too short. Okay, what I think I mean is that I am losing tummy and must pull the pants farther up to compensate for it. I don't think I have lost weight. The inches are only down to my lowest normal level.
4. . I had been tending toward diarreah since going gluten free. I was really constipated a couple of days.
5. My head seems clear day after day, except when I had a very constipated day once. Then after I got cleaned out, I feel really good for a while.
6. Sometimes, I feel very unusally well, extremely well, is more like it. Don't get me giddy!
7. Sometimes I think I am surely dying.
8. I felt ticklish for the first time in years.

I have double checked all of the new supplements for gluten and they all check out. I am wondering if I am now feeling pain, because I am not so numb as I was. I have been surprized on the forum when people talked about a painful expereience. I bloated 9 inches overnight once, but felt no pain whatsoever. That is one of the reasons that I went 30 years undiagnosed. I couldn't feel what was happening to me.


Source: I Am New To Pancreatic Enzymes And Recently Started Rotational Diet

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Great title! Yes, yes, and yes. Bodies -- am I right?
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I think yes, I don't feel giddy just now, but I sure hope this feeling right feeling lasts.
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When I take vitamins. I literally become crazy. I start having maybe 5 thoughts at one time. It's really helpful when I am playing video games or when I'm doing math. It is terrible when I am just sitting and trying to chill out. I start thinking about ways I can die (5 at a time), what could go wrong in my life (5 at a time), ect. This has made me stop taking vitamins for months. I am so done. I get the giddy feeling..sometimes but it goes downhill and I can't handle that especially since I am a teen.
Oh and I definitely stopped bloating after going gluten and lactose free! I had to buy new clothes though. lost 40 pounds and then stopped bloating = no more wardrobe.
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Hmm I wonder if you are expericing feeling worse before feeling better. Suppliments do this to me, if they give any reaction at all. Are you saying you are getting better without suppliments? Great!

You don't have any clothes? I just found a dress that I tossed in the bottom of the closet as too tight last summer. It fits charmingly now! I am not above going to the thriftstore. Keep the bloatable clothes for mistakes. I just can't afford new ones during transition.
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