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Busy Restaurant Not A Good Sign

Posted by , 04 March 2013 · 1,310 views

Just a funny for the day. We were in Arizona recently and facing the grueling task of finding something to eat for lunch. I.say grueling because I was with family that treat my diagnosis as if I do it for attention. We spotted a cute place that was quite busy which is usually a good sign. However, once seated I realized most were waiting for food and there was one frantic waitress. Having worked for awhile in the occupation I could empathize so we just waited patiently. When it came time to order I did the old salad routine with the usual please be careful as I have Celiac. She looked at me and said "Do you really!" I was so blown away I couldn't think of what to say. My first thought was, how do I prove it. My husband stepped in and said yes I do and we made some jokes knowing the poor girl was totally over wrought. Later our professional chef friend said many times his waiters or waitresses make total effort to accommodate gluten free.then the customer will say, "well, I can have a little, I was just asking" I'd never thought of it in those terms but I'm still stuck back on proving it......maybe start a movement like "I'm a card carrying Celiac"??

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So many people are going gluten free as a fad diet that when I go to a new place I closely question how they guard against cross contamination. You know the drill, a clean pan?, a common toaster?, gluten free grill?, dedicated frier? etc. About half the places say they don't have safe practices or that they really are only flour free with their gluten free items and that I shouldn't eat there. I'm happy about that as I'd rather know than get sick. If I'm at all uncertain I will say that I am super sensitive and not someone following the fad diet. Many times they say the appreciate the info because so many are just doing it as a fad diet. Also we never eat at busy places. If it is a new restaurant I go at off hours so I feel I have time to ask my questions and they have time to answer. So my answer is to show your serious by the type of questions you ask and don't go to busy places.

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