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Celiac Issue's

Posted by , 31 March 2013 · 1,130 views

Hello so Im very new at all this stuff and am looking for some help. I have many question to ask of people in need of help. Well as I said I was recently diagnosed with celiac after many many years of being very sick from pnemonia every few months to headaches, very bad stomach pain, diaria,costaption and just not feeling like getting out of bed. I have always been about 120 and I looked healthy but just didnt feel it. Now that I am trying to follow this glutin free diet which hasn't been easy seems how I know nothing about it. I now am gaining alot of weight and do not know why. Im looking for some help I am very overwhelmed at this point and dont even want to leave my house. HELPPPPPPPP

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Hi Melissa,


Sorry you had to go through so many years of suffering.  You now have hope, because you know what your problem has been all of these years.  You also know what to do about it!


It is difficult to learn everything needed, but you just start.  You will get better and better at it.  Any mistakes will help you stay motivated.


It is rare when anyone comments on blog, so you may want to post in coping, or in the place to introduce yourself.


There are special threads for new people to help learn.  Someone will post them for you, I think.


Do you like to cook?  The easiest way for me to get safe food is cook.  I have been cooking food from scratch for years anyway.  Even if you haven't been, I will have you know that my 82 year-old-dad recently learned how to cook.  It can be done.


I read that wrong up there and thought you were 120 years old!  You may be putting on weight that is not fat, or maybe you could use some more lbs.  You would be very short, I think to look healthy at that weight.  At any rate I would concentrate on being healthy and not the scale.  You also might check with a physician.  My adrenal glands were not working right and that makes the water be retained.  It might be something besides fat.  Give some time for your body to adjust. 


I wish I could visit.  Here are some flowers.  *** Get well.


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Hello thanks for the info Im very knew to all this. I got on here looking for some help and others.


                                     So Thanks so much

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