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Friday The 13th

Posted by , 14 April 2007 · 289 views

I've had a run of bad luck lately. I got a letter in the mail with a color photo of me in my car- singing. It's a traffic light camera photo of me not making a complete stop before a right turn on red. Cost: $385.
Went on a date with a guy who said he is in the FBI and it was nice, but the next day he text messaged me that he wanted to come over. I replied that I don't allow men to come to my home, and he called me, angry, telling me he can find out where I live.
Finally, yesterday, Friday the 13th was going well, got off work early and laid out in the 80 degree sunshine by the pool.
Cooked Spanish rice for dinner, and ate a few pieces of a Toblerone candy bar (I'm Swiss and I love Swiss chocolate, and since Lindt isn't gluten-free, I was happy to see Toblerone on a gluten-free list recently and bought it).
OH MY Goodness. I Got SOOO Sick. In every possible way.
I almost cried because I was so uncomfortable and the symptoms seemed endless

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