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Traveling Again

Posted by , 20 June 2007 · 235 views

*Drum roll* Did she make a long weekend trip in Washington D.C. without getting glutened?NO.
Positives: there was a WHOLE FOODS where they had an omelette lady we took advantage of for breakfast and we bought stuff for picnicking! I ate at Joe Theisman's restaurant (salad and bunless roast beef) and it was FANTASTIC. So, we ate there the next night, and...glutened! But, I have to admit the house balsamic vinegrette dressing I tried this time looked suspect, and I dared to eat chocolate mousse (which I've read is naturally gluten free and I've made it myself), but maybe they toyed with it and added stuff? Or there's always cc. But we had a WONDERFUL waitress and tipped her well 1st night so got her again.
Anyway, I was determined to make the best of it so I popped some stomach med. and still went out dancing afterward. However I think I had Brain FOG, which contributed to our self-questioning our directions on the drive to Monticello.
The rest of D.C. trip was great. Perfect weather (a nice escape from the 100 deg. heat wave we had while I was gone), and we went horseback riding in the country, saw Monticello, and hung out with friends over there. Loved it.
Tonight is my celiac support group meeting and I'm making a new recipe: Japanese Rice Coconut Pudding. I'll tell you how it turns out and the response it gets!
Lately, I've also been chowing down on Charleston Chews, Egg Salad sandwiches on hot gluten-free buns, and tonight I'm going to make BLTs on gluten-free buns. I've been devouring mangos, apricots, tube ice popsicles, and watermelon! drinking jasmine green iced tea I brew at home.
Last night, I took my detective out to pad thai and then a glass of wine at a Spanish bar that had Spanish guitar players.
I DESIRED the grand marnier sangria, but was scared about the GMarnier. BUt, I looked it up on the thread and it's gluten-free!!

I'm EXCITED about my Celiac Specialties order (cinnamon rolls-never had yet!)that is due to arrive so I can take a bunch of it on my trip next week. I'll be gone a week. Do you think I can not get glutened this time?

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