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Baby Products

Posted by , 28 July 2005 · 1,878 views

Revised April 1, 2005 Baby Magic All lotions and powder Beech Nut Naturals Baby FoodStage 1 - Starter SizeFRUITS: Golden Delicious Applesauce; Chiquita Bananas; Peaches; Bartlett PearsVEGGIES: Tender Sweet Carrots; Tender Sweet Peas; Butternut Squash; Tender Golden Sweet PotatoesStage 1INSTANT CEREAL: Rice CerealJUICES: Apple Juice from concentrate w/Vit.C; Pear Juice from concentrate w/Vit.C; White Grape from concentrate w/Vit.CFRUITS: Golden Delicious Applesauce; Chiquita Bananas; Peaches; Bartlett PearsVEGGIES: Tender Sweet Carrots, Tender Young Green Beans; Tender Sweet Peas; Butternut Squash; Tender Golden Sweet PotatoesMEATS: Beef and Beef Broth; Chicken and Chicken Broth; Lamb and Lamb Broth; Turkey and Turkey Broth; Veal and Veal BrothStage 2INSTANT CEREAL: Rice and Golden Delicious Apples Cereal; Rice and Chiquita Bananas Cereal JAR CEREAL: Rice Cereal with Apples and Cinnamon FRUIT YOGURTS: Banana Apple Yogurt; Mixed Fruit Yogurt JUICES: Apple Banana Juice from concentrate w/Vit. C; Apple Cherry Juice from concentrate w/Vit. C; Apple Cranberry Juice from concentrate w/Vit. C; Apple Pear Juice from concentrate w/Vit. C; Apple White Grape Juice from concentrate w/Vit. C; Mixed Fruit Juice from concentrate w/Vit. C FRUITS: Apples & Bananas; Apples & Blueberries; Apples & Cherries; Apples, Mango, & Kiwi; Apples & Pears; Apples, Pears & Bananas; Apples & Strawberries; Apricots w/ Pears and Apples; Chiquita Bananas & Strawberries; Chiquita Bananas With Pears and Apples; Peaches and Bananas; Pears & Pineapple; Pears & Raspberries; Plums with Apples and Pears; Sunsweet Prunes With Pears VEGGIES: Carrots & Peas; Corn & Sweet Potatoes; Country Garden Vegetables; Mixed Vegetables; Sweet Potatoes and Apples SIMPLE DINNERS: Apples & Beef; Apples & Chicken; Broccoli & Turkey; Sweet Potatoes & Chicken DINNERS: Chicken & Rice Dinner; Homestyle Chicken Soup; Macaroni & Beef w/ vegetables (States they are rice noodles!); Turkey Rice Dinner; Vegetables & Beef; Vegetables & Chicken; Vegetables & Ham; Vegetables & Turkey DESSERTS: Banana Pineapple Dessert; Dutch Apple Dessert; Fruit Dessert; Tutti-Frutti Dessert; Vanilla Custard Pudding w/ Apples; Guava Dessert; Island Fruit Dessert; Mango Dessert; Papaya DessertStage 3JAR CEREAL: Rice Cereal & Pears FRUITS: Fruits; Apples & Bananas; Apples & Cherries; Apricots w/ Pears and Apples; Chiquita Bananas; Chiquita Bananas and Berries; Peaches; Bartlett Pears; Pears & Raspberries VEGGIES: Carrots & Peas; Sweet Potatoes DINNERS: Turkey Rice Dinner; Country Vegetables and Chicken; Vegetables and Turkey DESSERTS: Banana Pudding; Fruit Dessert TABLE TIME FOODS (Microwavable Meals): Turkey Stew with Rice; Vegetable Stew w/ BeefCarnation (Very Best Baby) (1.800.284.9488) (ve:4/24/02)Nestle Carnation Good Start Infant Formula, Follow-up Formula, Alsoy Infant Formula, Follow-up Soy FormulaFORMULA:Ross Products (Abbott Laboratories) (800.227.5767) (ve:5/9/02)Isomil Soy Formula; Isomil Soy Formula for Diarrhea; Isomil 2 Toddler Formula; Similac; Similac Lactose Free; Similac 2; Alimentum; NeoSure Infant Formula; PediaLyte; PediaSureNext Step Soy Toddler Formula; Next Step Toddler Formula Regular; Nutramigen Formula Pregestimil Formula Prosobee Formula Johnson & Johnson Products BATH: Head to Toe Gentle Cleansing Cloths; Moisturizing Gentle Cleansing Cloths; Soothing Skin Baby Bath; Head to Toe Baby Wash; Baby Bath; Bedtime Bath; Moisturizing Baby Bath; Soothing Vapor Bath; Baby BarSHAMPOO:Shampoo w/Natural Lavender; Baby Shampoo (Detangling Formula); Moisturizing w/Honey and Vitamin E; Herbal w/Chamomile (Gentle Detangler)LOTION:Soothing Skin Baby Lotion; Baby Lotion; Lotion with Aloe and Vitamin E; Bedtime LotionOINTMENTS/CREAM:Soothing Vapor Cream (for colds like Vicks Vaporub); Diaper Rash OintmentBABY OILS:Baby Oil; Baby Oil (and Gel) with Aloe and E, Baby Oil (and Gel) with Chamomile and Multivitamin Complex; Creamy Baby OilBABY POWDER:Baby Powder; Baby Powder w/Aloe and Vitamin E (Pure Corn Starch); Baby Powder w/Lavender and Chamomile; Baby Powder w/Aloe and Vitamin E (medicated)Advil (Wyeth) Children's Infant Drops (Fruit, Grape) Anbesol-Baby (Wyeth) Grape Teething Gel Anbesol-Baby (Wyeth) Maximum Strength Anbesol Gel (Alcohol Free); Maximum Strength Anbesol Liquid (Alcohol Free)Baby Magic All lotions and powder Banana Boat Baby Block Titanium Dioxide Formula SPF 50 Barriere AH cream-found in the baby section -chapped hands and lips Beech Nut Baby Water (Spring water w/fluoride); Pediatric ElectrolyteDimetapp Decongestant Infant Drops; Decongestant Plus Cough Infant DropsEckerd Brand Children's Aceteminophine (Tablets and Elixer); Children's Night Time Cold and Cough Equate (Walmart brand) After dialing the toll free number, press 3 for medications and 1 for Vitamins, key in the lot # of the product to find out if certain vitamins are gluten-free Fer-In-Sol (MeadJohnson) Drops and SyrupGerber Products Company says each and every ingredient will be listed on the label.Gerber Finger Foods Gerber Finger Foods Fruit and Veggie Puffs do contain gluten. However, our Finger Foods Fruit and Veggie Wagon Wheels are gluten-free. Huggies Wipes (Kimberly-Clark) Luvs Wipes Mead Johnson Casec; Enfamil/Enfamil w/Iron; EnfaCare; Enfamil AR; Enfamil Premature Formula; Enfamil Human Milk Fortifier; Enfalyte; Kindercal; LactoFree; MCT Oil; Moducal; Next Step Soy Toddler Formula; Next Step Milk-Based Toddler Formula; Nutramigen; Portagen; Pregestimil; ProsobeeMennen Baby Magic Baby Lotion and all other Baby Magic Products Motrin Products (McNeil) Children's Motrin Non-Staining Dye-free Oral Suspension -- Children's Motrin COLD Non-Staining Dye-free Oral Suspension -- Infants' Motrin Non-Staining Dye-free Concentrated DropsOrajel (Del Labs) All Baby Orajel Products are gluten-free: Toddler toothpaste; baby tooth and gum cleanser; teething pain reliever, etc.)Pampers Wipes Poly-Vi-Flor (MeadJohnson) Drops and TabletsPoly-Vi-Sol (MeadJohnson) Drops and TabletsRobitussin DM Infant Drops; Pediatric Cough; Pediatric Cough & Cold; Pediatric Night Relief Seventh Generation Products All products are gluten free. Triaminic Syrup Tylenol Products (McNeil) Children's Cold Plus Cough Chewable Tablets -- Children's Suspension Grape Flavored Liquid -- Infants' Cherry Concentrated DropsVaseline Petroleum Jelly Vaseline, Intensive Care Lotion Advanced Healing Tri-Vi-Flor (MeadJohnson) Drops and TabletsTri-Vi-Sol (MeadJohnson) Drops and TabletsWalMart (See "Equate")

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Well this is what I want Lists, Lists and more Lists. All I want to do is go to one page and find what we can eat. So I will make my own lists from other places I go to. :lol: Of course anyone can send their own lists here too. Just make it short and sweet. :P
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